Insurance Company Appointment Letter

When an insurance company needs to fill the vacancy of any position, it will appoint several people. The company also communicates its decision with the person it has hired by writing them an appointment letter. The purpose of this letter is to make it clear to the person being appointed that what he can expect after joining the company and what the company has to offer to the appointment candidate in return.

Why is the appointment letter written by the insurance company?

Just like any other company, the insurance company also needs to hire people who work in teams to achieve common goals. There are managers, directors, insurance agents, and lots of posts in insurance companies. An appointment letter is written to inform the candidate that he has been appointed on a particular post mentioned in the letter.

The candidate who must be eyeing other jobs will join the company after having received this letter.

When to write the appointment letter to the insurance company?

Usually, sending the appointment letter to the selected candidate is the last step of the recruitment process. When a company finds out that a particular candidate has met the eligibility criteria and has relevant qualifications and experience in the area of insurance, it writes the appointment letter based on the applications received.

In general, the appointment letter is written to only those people who apply for a job. The company chooses the most suitable candidate from the applications received and then decides accordingly.

If you are working as a hiring manager and you have been tasked to write an appointment letter, you must know the format and structure of the letter. Below is a sample appointment letter that will help you know which details to include in the letter and how to structure them in the letter.

Sample letter:


Name of the recipient:
Address of recipient:

Subject: Appointment letter

Dear [mention the name]

We are very happy to announce that you have passed your interview. Therefore, we are offering you an employment opportunity for the position of an insurance agent in ABC company. This job will be on a contract basis and the company can renew the contract if you work sincerely with us. Following are some terms and conditions of working with us:

  • Starting date:

We expect you to join our company from the 10th of March, 2021. Again, we will sign a contract of two years with you and hold the right to renew it depending on how you perform and what our mutual agreement with you is.

  • Reporting:

You are required to start working from the date mentioned above. You will be reporting to your immediate supervisor on 10th March 20XX. You will be in the need to comply with all the rules and regulations of the company at all the time. The company will always expect you to work in a good manner and you will protect the reputation and name of our insurance company.

  • Place of work:

Based on the decision of the company, right now you will work in our branch located in North America. We will appoint you to the headquarter of the company as soon as the vacancy becomes available.

  • Job responsibilities as an insurance agent:

We have outlined all the job responsibilities that you will be fulfilling during your contract with our insurance company. You can find the description in the document that we have attached with the job contract since it is an extension of that document. After reading the job description, you will be required to affix your signatures on it. Your signatures will indicate that you have agreed with the terms and conditions of the job.

  • Salary and termination details:

You will be entitled to a monthly salary of 7585$. This is the basic salary and it will be subject to all the deductions as per the rules of the company.

The company holds the right to terminate you from the job whenever you are found guilty of doing something unlawful. However, the company is bound to give you the notification 30 days before the termination.

Yours faithfully,

Human resource department
XYZ Company.

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