Insect in Food Complaint Letter

Writing a complaint letter has always a purpose behind it. Most of the time, we want to report the unpleasant incident to the higher authorities so that they can take necessary actions to ensure that whatever has happened will not happen again.

Importance of writing the complaint letter upon seen insect in the food:

A complaint letter about the restaurant is important to write to draw the attention of the higher authorities of the restaurant towards the quality of food. When you raise your voice, you save the life of many people as the poor quality of food can have devastating effects on the health of people. Seeing the insect in the food is worse than having bad quality food. If the insect in the food is venomous, it can kill the person. Therefore, if you are fortunate enough to have seen the insect before you ate it, you should not remain silent.

How to write the complaint letter:

Below is a step-by-step guide to writing the letter to the restaurant’s owner.

Give details of the entire incident:

Seeing the insect in the food is a complete incident that you are reporting in the complaint letter. So, you must give details of that incident. You should tell that how you ordered the food, whether you dined in or ordered at your doorstep. Also, tell the date on which you ordered the food, the time at which the food was ordered and delivered, the name of the dish you ordered, and much more. When you mention the timing, you make it easy for the manager to figure out who was there on the job at that time.  

Describe what you saw in the food:

The manager of the restaurant needs to know that what kind of insect was found in the food. This will help him know how the insect fell into the food and why the waiters and the cook could not see it.

Mention what you want:

It is very clear from the complaint letter written by you that you want necessary actions to be taken by the manager of the hotel to make sure that the same thing does not happen again. However, if you want something more than that such as a refund of the money you paid to purchase the food, you can write it in the letter.

Attach the image of the food with insect:

In case you need to prove that whatever you are saying is true and you are not trying to defame the restaurant, you can take the picture of the sample along with the receipt issued to you at the time of the purchase.

Sample complaint letter:


Name of the restaurant,

Name or designation of the recipient,

Subject: Complaint about food

I am writing this letter to file a complaint against ABC restaurant. I have been to that restaurant many times and now I have become a regular customer. Yesterday, I ordered cheese pasta from this restaurant at my office address. I placed the order for the pasta at 2:30 pm and I received it within half an hour at 3:00 pm.

While I was devouring the pasta I ordered, I saw an insect in it. Unfortunately, I had eaten half of the pasta when a black insect appeared.  After seeing that, I rushed to the outlet of the restaurant and showed the sample to the person at the counter. I came back after that.

I did not ask anyone for a refund but I decided to make this incident reach higher authorities of the restaurant. I have been noticing that the quality of the food is also not as good as it used to be earlier. I am much disappointed to see the insect in my food and felt gross.

I am attaching the pictures of the food as evidence. I hope that you will take the necessary actions on it. For any additional detail you need, you can contact me on my phone number or email address.


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