Internship Letter for Hospital

Sometimes, when you apply for a post in a hospital, you are asked to attach the internship letter with a resume. This letter will serve as proof that you have done an internship in a hospital. The internship letter tells me why you think that you are a perfect candidate for the internship.

What is an internship letter for the hospital?

This is a formal letter that a candidate writes to a hospital to apply for an internship for a period of 3 to 12 months. This letter showcases the skills and capabilities of the subject.

Importance of internship letter:

No matter which post of the hospital you want to work in, you are always required to show that you have obtained relevant skills and learning that you need to work on the post you have applied for. The internship has become very important for the career of the individuals. In the period of internship, candidates come to learn about various aspects of his job.

The internship is usually practiced by students who can’t take a direct step into their profession. This internship helps them get a job. Therefore, candidates write this letter to the hospital for getting an opportunity for an internship in that hospital.

Writing an internship letter:

If you are someone who has been tasked to write the internship letter, the guidelines given below can help you

  • Mention your role:

No matter you want to work as a doctor or any other member of the medical staff, you are required to mention your role on which you want to do the internship. It is important to note that you can apply for the post for which you qualify. For example, if you want to do an internship as a nurse in the hospital, you should be able to attach the nursing certificate with the letter that you have earned after completing the nursing course.

  • Read your job duties:

The management of the hospital likes to hire those individuals who not only perform their duties well but also know about the responsibilities they are expected to fulfill. For this purpose, you should read the job description of the post you are applying for. Mention all those roles in the letter.

  • Mention your skills:

Since you have earned a professional degree or certificate and you think that you have acquired the necessary skills that you will need during your job, mention those skills in the letter. The reader of the letter always wants to know what you can do to make a difference to the hospital with the help of your skills and abilities. Therefore, talking about your skills is always required.

  • Describe what you want to gain from internship:

There is always a specific objective behind writing a formal letter of any type. This letter also has a purpose and the recipient of the letter wants to know about it. Telling the recipient that you want to do an internship in the hospital is not enough. You should write what do you want to learn from this internship and how you will benefit your profession.

  • Give details about internship:

Write the details about the internship that you want to proceed with. For example, if the internship program has been initiated by the hospital, then you can refer to that in the letter. If there is no program in the hospital, then you can request the hospital to arrange a seat for you so as to enable you to work in that hospital. Tell the hospital about the duration of the internship. Also, tell if you want to be paid during this period or not.

Sample letter:

Name of the internee:
Contact details of internee:

The subject of the letter:

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to be a part of the summer internship program that the hospital ABC is going to initiate. I am very confident that I am the perfect candidate for the position of head nurse in the hospital.

I have completed the nursing course for three years. During this course, I have acquired a lot of skills and knowledge as to the nursing profession. I have learned the ways to improve the patient’s health and I can contribute to the growth of the hospital to a great extent. Furthermore, I have got great communication skills and my team-oriented understanding of things enables me to adapt myself to every kind of changing environment.

Based on my knowledge and skills, I hope that I can be a useful addition to the team of nurses in your hospital. I want to work as an internee in your hospital for 6 months. The internship in your hospital will help me transform into a more professional and skilled nursing individual, which will consequently help me grow in my field.  

I am looking forward to your reply


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