Hospital Transfer Letter

In hospitals, the mechanism of transferring patients is very common. The patients are either transferred from one department to another of the same hospital or another hospital. The purpose of patient transfer is usually to ensure that the treatment of the patient is being managed effectively.

What is a hospital transfer letter?

A hospital transfer letter is an official document that is used when a patient is transferred from one hospital to another. This letter is usually written to the management or administration of the hospital.

What is the purpose of writing a hospital transfer letter?

This transfer letter is usually written to let the hospital know that the patient is being transferred to another hospital or another part of the same hospital. Some people also write this letter when they want to get permission from the administration to transfer the patient.

 When to write the transfer letter in the hospital?

There are different scenarios in which writing this letter is very useful. Some of them are being discussed below:

  • For diagnostic procedures:

Often, hospitals have to fall back on other hospitals because of the unavailability of better or proper diagnostic procedures. Hospitals understand that the patient can get a better diagnostic facility in some particular hospitals. In this situation, they suggest the patient or family members of the patient to decide to transfer the patient. Anyone who makes this decision writes the transfer letter.

  • For better care service:

It is quite possible that the hospital that you have chosen for your patient might not have the proper facilities that the patient needs for quick recovery. In this situation, the patient must be taken to the hospital in which the facilities are better and proper care can be given to the patient. An advanced level of care can also be achieved by taking the patient to another hospital for better treatment.  

What are the benefits of writing the letter?

  • It streamlines the process:

When you write this letter to the hospital and the hospital understands that your letter makes sense, it will consider certain things. The doctors and nurses in the hospital will have to make a proper plan and preparations before the transfer takes place. The purpose of this preparation is to make sure that the patient does not face any inconvenience while he is transferred.

  • It helps in decision making:

When the hospital comes to know that there is a need to take the patient to another hospital, the hospitals give its expert advice to the patient and his family about which mode of transfer will be safer for the patient, who should accompany the patient while transporting, what kind of monitoring will be required while the patient is being transferred and much more.

  • It helps the patient after transfer:

If the transfer letter has been written to transfer the patient to his house, the doctor will make a proper strategy that will come into action after the transfer. Doctors will tell the proper measures to be taken to ensure the safety of the patient. In this way, the patient gets proper treatment even at home. Furthermore, the doctors also consider all the risks that are involved with taking the patient to another hospital or home.

Tips for writing the transfer letter:

  1. When you write this letter to the hospital, you should tell the hospital the introductory details of the patient in a comprehensive way. The letter should describe the age of the patient, the medical condition of the patient, and much more.
  2. The reason why you have decided to transfer the patient should also be stated in the letter. This is an important part of the letter that should not be overlooked.
  3. Attach all the required documents with a letter such as medical reports of the patient, X-ray and ultrasound reports of the patient, prescription of all the doctors the patient has visited.
  4. Ask the hospital to anticipate the complexities associated with the transfer so that you can know whether this decision will be viable or not.

Sample letter:

Name of the patient:
Contact details of the patient:

Dear (healthcare provider),

Mr. ABC is 50 years patient who has been admitted to the department of nephrology in your hospital. The patient had an appointment on (mention the date). The diagnosis of the patient is (include diagnosis). The risk involved is (mention risks). Based on the aforementioned diagnoses, we have decided to transfer the patient to (mention the name of the hospital). Please find the medical history and record of the patient enclosed in the letter.

I would like to request you to provide details about how to transfer the patient to another hospital and what are the anticipated risks. I am duly satisfied with the services of your hospital.


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