Importance of Wearing ID Cards in Offices

In this modern age of connectivity and computerization, the most important task any organization has to face is the protection of its assets. Since every other asset is linked with servers and cloud computing it is mostly the safety of its information and data usage that is highly concerned.

With a perpetual in and out of employees/visitors in any organization, a comprehensive plan needs to be in place for its security. The first and foremost step in ensuring this security is the issuance of identification (ID) cards to every worker/employee of the company. This saves all the trouble of hiring security organizations and might reduce the expenses to be doled out to those stakeholders by the company.

ID cards can have a number of variant designs. Each design, however, is meant to fulfill a specific set of requirements. Let’s first discuss the basic format of any such card.

Commonly used ID cards will have the employee’s name along with their picture, their office/workplace assigned number, department in which they are working (this is very critical as only affiliated ID cardholders to a specific department are granted access to their archives/data rooms), contact information, electronic chip, and other personal details like blood group, address, etc.

A few important aspects related to ID cards can be summarized as under: –

Identification/Display: Foremost amongst all the benefits of an ID card, as its name suggests, is the identification of the person wearing it. The silent introductory note is helpful when a new employee joins any organization. These cards can be hung from the neck by a strap along with all the necessary details of the employee.

The display of ID cards also aids an employee of a specific company when his/her presence is required in a larger forum. Senior officials or attendees of that forum can address personally and specifically the employee by merely looking at their ID cards.

Security: The ID card is a simple and cheap way to enhance the security of any organization. At every tier, the ID card comes in handy. Its function starts right at the entrance of any organization when an employee has to pass through the gates/reception area. Moreover, any employee working on the premises can challenge a suspicious-looking person by just looking at their card and/or picture. A fingerprint feature can also be added to the ID card which makes them less likely to be scammed.

Fewer Chances of Theft: Every organization these days has valuable servers, equipment, computers, etc in its inventory. The use of ID cards can ensure that only authorized personnel can enter such areas along with entry on registers. This mitigates the chance of any theft and, if at all such an incident occurs, ID cards make it easier to trace back the entry of all the employees (along with the time) who have entered and exited the offices during the time of the incident.

Privileged Access: Electronic chips coded with access to limited areas not only augments the security element but also help in reducing the unnecessary traffic in special server rooms or meeting halls.

Visitors’ Access: Separate ID cards can be issued to personnel visiting the company. These cards are issued on spot at the reception after a necessary check of the visitors. Such cards, however, entail quite fewer details than the normal ID cards i.e. say it just shows that the person is visiting the department. Necessary details of the visitor; name, CNIC number, contact number, and address; can be entered on a computer linked with the specific visitor card number issued and saved in the company’s database.

Ensuring the wearing of ID cards is albeit a simple method to enhance the security and efficiency of a workplace, yet it also plays a vital part by inculcating a sense of fraternity amongst the company employees.

When everyone wears a badge under the same company’s logo, it imbibes in the employees a sense of equality and Esprit De Corps. Such simplistic yet powerful measures have a far-reaching effect on the company’s performance and ID cards have a role in creating the success story for any company.

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