Warning Letter to Employee for Forged Signatures

A warning letter to an employee for forged signatures is a letter written by the employer, HR, or the legal department. This letter is issued to the employee who has been accused of using forged signatures, and a warning is sent to him/her to eliminate the possibility of such crime in the future.

Employees get involved in such vicious act due to various reasons, such as:

  • Personal benefits.
  • Unavailability of the concerned individual, whose signature is required.
  • Fastening up of the process.

Sometimes, the employees are able to escape from getting caught for their act of using the forged signatures. However, as it is a crime, if they do get exposed, the organization can take severe measures. Some organizations decide to warn the employee first, before taking any drastic steps, such as legal action or termination. However, this decision is dependent on factors, like:

  • The critical nature of the situation and the document.
  • The value of the employee for the company.
  • The company record and evaluation of the employee.

If a company chooses to warn the employee first, a written warning letter is prepared and sent to the employee. The information and warning harshness vary in different letters, depending on the company policies and the incident severity. However, the general details included in such letters are:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employer.
  • Details of the employee.
  • A brief explanation of the incident and the forgery act.
  • State unacceptability of such immoral behavior and the possible consequences.
  • Issue a warning.
  • State the possible ramifications in the case of recurrence in the future.
  • Include the encouraging statements.
  • Urge to control such acts.
  • Show hope for improvement.

Such warning letters are recorded in the employee file, and are critical in nature, as forgery is a crime and can be dealt with in a legal manner. Therefore, the employees try to evade such letters, as they may affect their company records and evaluation as well as their criminal record. Even if they receive one, they try to evade any future consequences, and hence try to improve their behavior.

Sample Warning letter



Dear Mr. John,

I am writing this letter to warn you against your act of using a forged signature on a company document.

On 2nd August 20XX, Mr. Steven requested you to get the documents signed from Mr. David on an urgent basis. If Mr. David was not available, you could have informed Mr. Steven about it, instead of copying Mr. David’s signature and involving yourself in forgery.

No excuse is acceptable in this scenario, and even a legal action can be taken against you, as our company is extremely strict in not bearing such behavior. Being a responsible and authoritative employee, it is your duty to minimize forgery and fabrication. Rather than fulfilling your role properly, you used fake signatures yourself.

As the document was internal, and you have been our good employee over the past years, we are issuing only a warning letter for now. However, if something on the same lines is ever reported again, you will directly be terminated from this organization.

We hope for your understanding and cooperation, and we hope no such act will be committed by you in the future.

Sarah Robson.

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