Termination Letter Due to Company Code of Conduct

Terminating an employee because he was not being able to follow the code of conduct of the company is not an easy decision. Employers usually conduct research and do a lot of investigation before reaching a final decision of termination. Once the decision of termination is made, the termination letter is sent to the employee.

When it comes to following the code of conduct of the company, every company has different criteria and standards to judge everyone. The code of conduct is usually explained in the employment contract which is signed by the employee at the time of joining. Some people don’t understand these codes initially. However, on receiving repeated warning they are expected to understand their responsibilities. 

Not following the code of conduct of the company usually includes hurling abuses at someone, threatening someone, disobeying the principles of the company, and much more. 

The termination is a kind of disciplinary action letter in which the company tells the employee that disciplinary action has been taken against him because he has not been following the rules of the company. Through this letter, the company communicates that insubordination on part of employee is not tolerated by the company and this insubordination has compelled the employer to remove the employee from the company.  

What is the format of the termination letter?

When it comes to writing a termination letter, the most important factor to be taken on board is the details of this letter. It is very important to know what you are adding to this letter and where. The format generally includes

  1. The date on which letter is being written
  2. The date on which the alleged violation was seen
  3. Statement of termination
  4. Information regarding the last salary of the employee

It is important to ensure that every detail included in this letter is clear to the employee

How to write a letter of termination?

  • Be careful with words:

Sometimes is one of the most unwanted things one wants to hear. No matter how unruly the employee has been in the company, you are required to write this letter in such a way that it does not hurt the employee much. For this, you must make sure that you make the right choice of words.

  • Explain the offense:

The code of conduct includes lots of aspects as well as scenarios. Therefore, it is important to mention that what code of conduct has been violated. For this, the offense of the employee should be explained in detail.

  • Keep the door open:

You must be very angry when you drafted this letter, it is a requirement to sound as professional in this letter as possible. For this, keep the doors open for the employee. Tell him that he is always welcome to ask you for a reference letter or any other type of help.

  • Keep your tone positive:

Your tone should address your professionalism. Keep it as positive as possible.

This is a sample letter of termination that is being written to the employee who has used abusive language at the workplace which was completely against the code of conduct of the company. The company has given many verbal and written warnings to the employees before taking this is a serious decision. It has been really offensive for the company and therefore, the employee is being informed by his letter that he has been laid off by the company. 

Sample letter:

To: Mr. XYZ

Date: ——————

Address of the employee:

RE: Termination letter due to company code of conduct

Dear (name of employee),

This letter is being written to inform you that as of 25 July 20XX, your employment in the company ABC on the post of XYZ is being terminated. The company has taken this decision for a cause of insubordination. We have many supporting pieces of evidence for every violation of the code of conduct of yours at the workplace. We are attaching all the evidence in your file along with this termination letter. 

On March 24, 20XX, you were given a verbal warning for using abusive language at the workplace. One month after that, we were compelled to remind you by writing a warning letter that was also signed by you. We have also attached a letter with your file. After a few days, the company gave you 2nd warning by writing a warning letter and adding a clause in it that stated that you will be dismissed if you didn’t stop using abusive language. 

Your final paycheck will be emailed to your home address. You are allowed to address any question to me in a letter sent to your address


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