Request to Delay Tuition Fee Due to COVID-19

What is the request to delay tuition fees due to coronavirus?

It is a type of request letter which is written by the student or parents of that student to the institute to request the institute to delay the tuition fee.

Importance of requesting the delay in fee:

The institutes usually send the challan form to the student on the initial dates of every month if the fee is to be paid every month. There is the last date of submission of the fee. The students are required to pay the fee before that date. The schools add a fine to the fee if the students don’t pay it before the last date. Therefore, students write the request to the school to ask them to delay the tuition fee

How to write the request to delay tuition fees?

  1. Give an introduction: You must write this letter by giving an introduction to your child. There are lots of students in school. Therefore, a complete introduction including the child’s name, class name, section name, and lots of other details must be added. Furthermore, if you are writing on behalf of your child, you must tell your relation with the child. Since the school does not accept the request of everyone.
  2. Discuss your problem: Since you are not able to pay the fee because of being in a financial crisis that has arisen coronavirus outbreak, you should describe the effects of coronavirus on you and your financial life. Talk about how the world has been impacted due to this outbreak. Also, mention your problem that has happened to the financial life that leads you to fall into this crisis.
  3. Make a request: This letter is written to ask the school’s administration to delay the fee as many students are unable to pay it because of the unprecedented situation. The request should be made politely and expectations should be expressed from the management of the school to delay the fee.
  4. Express your feelings: Tell the recipient that you are so disgruntled on making this request as it is not a kind way to ask the management of the school for the delay since the school is also going through a testing time.
  5. Make a promise: In this letter, you should tell the school’s administration that you are committed to yourself to pay the fee of the school as soon as everything reverts to normalcy after the pandemic. Reassure that you are just asking for a delay in the fee. You don’t want the reduction in fee or any other favor from the school.

While writing this letter, it is important to ensure that you don’t leave any grammatical mistakes in the letter. For this, you must proofread your letter before you send it to anyone. You can ask someone else to reread this request and tell you if there is any need to bring some modifications.

Sample letter:

Date: ——————

Name of the school,

RE: Request to delay tuition fee due to COVID-19

Respected (name of the principal),

I am the mother of Richard James who reads in 6th class; section B in your school. I am very satisfied with the education system of the school and therefore, want my child to continue his studies in this school.

Given the effects of the Coronavirus on the entire world, we can see the people across the world suffering from the undue financial crisis. Our condition is no different from the rest of the world. Our financial condition is so bad and therefore, we are going through extreme pressure. I am writing this letter to request you to allow me to do some delay in the tuition fee.

Considering the current situation, I am regretful that I have to ask you to do some delay in the tuition fee. I am hopeful that my child will be able to continue studies in your school as I have a plan to pay all the fees of the school once the pandemic period is over. I am hopeful that the school will provide me with the relief that I am asking for.

I am looking forward to your reply.


Your name

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