Homeowners Association Violation Letter

A homeowners association violation letter is written by the board of directors of the association, in which the violator is addressed and notified about the violation he has been involved in. The violation letter is similar to a warning letter, which is issued to address the problem and avoid any strict action.

Homeowner associations are formed to improve the overall living conditions for the residents of a community. For this, certain rules and regulations are formed that lay the basis of the management and administration of the community. The residents have to comply with those set rules and in case of violation, the association takes action to resolve the issue.

Initially, the association representative tries to resolve the issue verbally with the violating individual/home. If the issue does not get addressed, a notification letter is sent, in which the violator is politely informed about the issue and is requested to resolve it. The third step would come if the issue does not get resolved even after this polite letter, which involves sending a violation letter.

The tone of the violation letter should not be condescending, but a little strict. The extent of the violation would be the main factor affecting the information stated in the letter. Common details are

  • Date.
  • The issue of the violation.
  • Effects on the community.
  • Reference to the rules set by the association.
  • Warning.
  • Seek improvement to avoid serious actions.
  • Provide room for communication and contact.
  • Salutations.

As the homeowner association benefits everyone in the community, the violators often change their practice after receiving this violation letter. However, if they do not improve their behavior, the board of directors may take some serious action, as deemed necessary by them.

Sample Letters and Emails


This email serves as the purpose of official notice for not following the guidelines properly. It has been in the homeowner’s association notice that you are transgressing the regulations. Through security cameras, we checked that on [mention date] unaccredited house trailer was stationed adjacent to your gate. As proof, I have cut the video clip and sent it to you.

According to a homeowners policy, you have to follow its bylaws. It remained in front of your home for two consecutive days. Therefore, you will pay a fine as per the codes of authority. To make the surroundings peaceful, we have to care for our next doors by not breaking the set rules. In accordance with we want to uplift amnesty by not penalizing lawbreakers. For more queries about this matter, you can contact me.


This letter has been sent to you by the homeowner association in Portland. Living in a community means you must abide by the bylaws mentioned in the HOA charter. It has been noticed, that you are constantly negating the rules that are not amenable to association policies.

There has been garbage found outside your home whose nasty smell is becoming problematic for passersby. You must inform garbage compaction to clear the waste, but you did not inform them. To avoid any legal action, you must be in acquiescence with the regularities. It would be an appreciative gesture for your community if you got the garbage removed.

It is the basic requirement to make your community worth living in. It will also increase the positive image of our community. I would be thankful to you for taking immediate action in this regard.


The homeowners association in Dallas has been informed that you are not in compliance with its policies. You are openly violating the instruction, which can result in strict action against you.

You were constructing an unauthorized room in your apartment and did not bring it to my knowledge. According to HOA policy, you cannot make architectural changes; doing so will cost you $500. You adhered to the community rules stated clearly in the documents. Non-compliance in the making-up process will result in heavy penalties.

You are asked to stop the construction after you receive this notice. It will be beneficial both to the community and to you. Your corroboration in this matter will be appreciated. For your concerns, you can call us at our helpline anytime.


This email has been written to bring to your notice that you are violating the homeowner’s association policies. As a valuable member of our community, you have to follow the code of laws governed clearly in the documents. As per our notice, your upper house portion is on rent which is illegal. You are not allowed to make any changes against the community laws. You are requested to visit us on [mention date], so may our authorities talk to you on this matter. If you have any queries regarding this, then please let us know.


This letter serves as an official notice for breaking the codes of the homeowners association. In spite of sending you a notice on [mention date], you did not comply with us. It had been brought to our attention that you smoke openly in smoke-prohibited areas. As a member of our community, you must follow the government’s policies. It has been stated in Section 4 of the document that smoking in prohibited places will cost you a $200 fine. If you repeatedly violate the bylaws, you will pay the fine within three days. Your cooperation in following the guidelines will help us make the surroundings peaceful.


Dear George, This notice has been sent to you on account of your not following the homeowner’s association policy. It is reported that on [Mention Date], five cars were parked in front of your house. The record of the guests was not brought to the association’s attention. You are not allowed to keep guests without informing the authorities. Please visit us on [mention date], our board members want to have a talk with you regarding this. If you have any concerns about this matter, please let us know. Thank you for your cooperation.


I am writing this letter to notify you that you have violated the rules of the association.

For the betterment of our community, we have developed some rules and regulations that all homeowners have to abide by. One such rule is to avoid any construction or renovation work after 6 p.m., that may disturb the neighbors. As per our knowledge and the complaints received, some renovation is going on in your home, the hours of which extend till 9 p.m. Your neighbors are getting affected due to the unpleasant sounds and constant disturbance.

We request that you cut down the hours until 6 p.m. so that everyone in our community can enjoy a peaceful evening and night. We hope to stop hearing the blares so that no action is required from us.

If you want any information or an explanation, contact [contact].


Sarah Jim.

Homeowner Association Violation Letter

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