Secret Santa Messages for Child


I hope you had a fabulous holiday. I am your Secret Santa and bringing a lot of gifts for your Christmas. I have placed your gift in your halfway, better get it from there. I am your best friend and give you huge pleasure and delight on an auspicious day. I have placed your gift in the house and I am watching you. Your Christmas may turn into joyful and have ever-lasting happiness. I hope this year is much more exciting for you. Don’t forget to tell me which gift of mine you like the most.


I am Santa and bring the exciting gift you have demanded last week from your father. The beautiful watch is being packed for you, as your Christmas gift. Enriched with happiness and the delightful thing is coming for you. We love you a lot. I wish that you enjoy all the happiness of the coming year. Enjoy the festival with your family and friend; never forget about me as I watched you everywhere. I wish you a very happy Merry Christmas.


This time Santa is a bit late. Sorry about that, but I have brought you the desired thing. You want a video game and here it is for you. It is hard to find but I will bring it for the sake of your happiness. Open up your present and do let me know how it was. My pleasure lies in your joy, so wishing you the most exciting Christmas. Make your Christmas special by spreading happiness. I am your admirer and Secret Santa, wishing you Christmas.


I hope you had not forgotten me; I am your best friend Santa. I have changed your gift with someone else unintentionally, could you please give it to me back. Your present is with me and is extremely beautiful. Enjoy the Christmas shoe and have parties with your friend. I know you would like this new gift as your shoes are quite old. I wish you a Merry Christmas. This New Year brings upmost color in your life and never forgets about me. You will have your gift before midnight.


This Christmas comes up with extreme happiness. I am bringing many gifts for you. You can choose the one you want. Last time you secretly told me what you want. Now I came up with the gift you like the most. Enjoy the eve and have fun with your friends. I will bring many gifts to your friends and family. If you want to see gifts wait till midnight. Your gift is kept in your house. Christmas is a memorable celebration so celebrate it openhearted. I wish this year brings prosperity to your life.

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