Secret Santa Messages to Friend


Hey, friend hopes you are doing well. I know you are wondering who am I but I do want to keep it a surprise for you. I am sending you the special Christmas card that will definitely make your day. I wish all your dreams come true and get whatever you wish for. I pray that the problem you are facing these days gets resolved and you enjoy the special day of the year with a smile, comfort, and relaxation. Be humble, I know you will get the solution. Keep smiling and have a super fantastic Christmas day.


Hi! How are you? I am here to send you the surprise gift and card but don’t want to tell my name as it is the surprise. On this lovely occasion, I want to send you a lot of prayers and a bundle of wishes. I wish on this precious day of the year you get well and combat your illness. I wish you get healthy again and get rid of annoying medicines that are irritating you. Don’t worry my friend the God will bestow with good health and you will start spending life just like before this disease. Love you and get well soon. Merry Christmas!


Hey dear! What’s going on? How are your studies going? You may be thinking who am I but I don’t want to disclose as I want to surprise my lovely fellow. In the Christmas event, I want to say that I wish you get success in your exams. Although the Christmas time is hard for you this year as your mother is ill and the exams are near. But I know you are courageous and have the stamina to face all hardships. I am your Santa secret friend and wish that God bring ease to your life. I wish you a happy Christmas. Spend your day with happiness and keep smiling all the time.


Dear friend! Merry Christmas! May this day bring all the happiness that you desire for. This is your month as you got the best grades in your exams plus you got a wonderful job offer. I wish God protects you from evil eyes and you stay safe from any type of hurdles. The secret message from me is to remind you that I am your well-wisher. I wish you get success in your new job and reach a high ranking. You get whatever you want. Stay blessed. Merry Christmas once again.


Hi, my dear fellow! How are you feeling now? I know you are astonished by receiving my message I am your secret Santa who is writing for you the best wishes and good luck in the future. Although it is a hard time for you, and you have to face it bravely. It is difficult for you to celebrate Christmas unlike you celebrated in previous years. Your leg fracture will recover soon and you will be able to walk. I wish you a healthy and blessed Christmas event. Stay courageous and enjoy your day. Happy Christmas once again my dear fellow.

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