Excuse Letter for not Attending the Swimming Class

An excuse letter for not attending the class is written by the student of the swimming class who found himself unable to attend the class. Writing an excuse letter is the best way to communicate the absence and its reason. While writing such kind of letter, address your teacher politely and mention the specific date and slot of the class. Mark the reason for the absence and assure your presence in the future.

There can be various reasons behind absence which include:

  • Bad health
  • Menstruation
  • Family engagement
  • Another exam on the same day

Two letters are given below as sample and can be used accordingly.

Sample Letter


Re. Excuse for absence

Dear Costa,

I am Kim Norman from Nezetick Wale Residentia, Montreal. I am your student taking swimming classes from you from batch C-08. I aim to write an excuse note to you for not being present in the class for swimming lectures on 20th March 20XX.

As you know that I already am very eager to learn how to swim and complete this course. I am enthusiastic to participate in the annual swimming competition to be held by STORC in Montreal. I am already looking forward to completing my number of lectures to be completed within the given time. I scored S-1 in the trial session of swimming. My grandmother is going through a series of chemotherapies to treat her second stage of breast cancer. She is alone in California and I have to stay with her during her first two sessions of chemotherapy. That is why I am unable to be present for my swimming classes for one week i.e. from 21st March 20XX to 25th March 20XX.

Considering the above-mentioned circumstances, I am sure that you will excuse my absence of one week. I assure you of my regular presence and punctuality from the next week. Moreover, I shall be available for extra classes as well to recover my missed lessons.

I shall be grateful to you for this favor. Thank you in anticipation.


Kim Noam

JC-09 Nezetick Wale Residentia

Montreal, Canada

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Re. Excuse Letter for Absence from Swimming Lesson

Dear Jenny,

My name is Joan Keelson. I am a member of your Nox Swimming Club Course in D-49 session of swimming.  This letter aims to excuse my absence from my swimming class in slot Y-9. I cannot adjust for another time slot because I am suffering from pneumonic cold and body aches due to the cold. I visited my family physician who advised me to avoid my exposure in cold otherwise my fever can get higher and can be prolonged. To avoid the cold I have to miss a few swimming lessons. As to swim efficiently and take my classes effectively and attentively, I have to be in a healthy position.

Kindly excuse my absence from the swimming class for an unpredictable time. I assure you that I will be present from the day I get well. I shall be thankful to you if you do not mind my absence and take this note into consideration.

Thank you.

Joan Keelson

234 Shaker Apartments

New York City, NY

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