Letter Informing the Client about an Employee’s Resignation

Despite all the enthusiasm and industrious endeavors to keep pace within the business team, there are certain points in which we have to let go of an employee. An employee is not only an employee, as employees are strongly glued with the name of the company or organizations they are working for, but they are also company representatives, and being a representative they are themselves the company dealing with many people at one time. They can be contractors, investors, creditors, or simply clients.

When an employee has to resign or even terminated, the case has to be genuinely informed to the clients. There are a few reasons behind that.

Firing and resigning are two main things that get spread about the company in no time. Before that your client gets the rumored and tittle-tattled news about the termination or resignation from somewhere else, spare a moment and tell him about the termination/resignation. In this way, your client would find an official and professional source of information and would definitely realize your professional behavior and ethics of working.

Another reason for informing the client about the employee’s termination or resignation is that the employee just terminated/resigned maybe in a position of representing the company or working with that client specifically on behalf of the company. This way you inform the client that the employee no more belongs to you and give an alternative employee or person to associate the remaining tasks.

There can be various reasons behind the termination/resignation of the employee. An employee may resign for some better opportunities and better career options. Similarly, an employee can be terminated because of his nonprofessional behaviors, lack of competence, or inability to keep up with the demands of working.

While writing such a letter you should be honest and genuine. In a few cases, you can be reluctant in giving away the delicate information or something related to the privacy of the company or the employee. In such cases, one should remain straightforward and there is no need to inform the reason. Keep in mind that the foremost and most significant purpose of writing is to inform the client about the termination/resignation of the employee showing him further direction through alternative assistance.

Following is a sample letter of that kind:

Sample Letter

Re. Informing the Resignation of Mr. Joe Harari

Dear Sherman,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the resignation of Mr. Joe Harari who was a Customer Care Officer in our company and was in a position to deal with the fresh clients.

Mr. Harari who was a competent member of our team left the company because of his immigration from the country. He indicated the company that due to some family reasons, he has to shift to another country. As it is obvious that he was unable to keep working in our company, that is why he submitted a letter of resignation to the HR Manager of the company giving very impactful and effective feedback about his era of working with HBS Groups.

He also informed the manager that he was an associate to you in maintaining your contract with the company and accounts as well. As Harari is no more part of HBS Groups, that is why you are informed that Ms. Jenny Reckart will look after your contract’s details and accounts further. For further details, don’t hesitate to dial +29808383 or write to [Email]


Gray Lockhart

Assistant Manager

HBS Groups and Co, NYC

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