Return to School Excuse Letter from Parents

Return to school excuse letter from parents is a letter in which parents rationalize the absence of their child on his behalf informing the reason for his not coming to the school. There are various reasons when their return to school is not possible. The excuse letter written by parents makes it more genuine and official thus with the higher chances of acceptance.

In such letters, parents write to the school principal, administration, management branch, or any other authoritative person telling them why their child is unable to join the return to school. While writing such an excuse letter, first of all, introduce yourself with the reference to your child mentioning his name, roll number, and grade. Tell the authorities why your child needs to stay absent from the school specifying his/her absence by giving specific dates. In writing, you need to keep it brief, impersonal, and to the point. No extra details are appreciated in writing such letters.

Two sample letters are given in the following:


Re. Excuse for Merina’s Absence from School

Dear Sophy,

I am Semi Sorel, mother of Merina Sorel, a student of Grade VII with roll number 34, in your school. This letter aims to inform you that Merina is unable to be present in the school because of family engagement. I completely understand the significance of her presence and the loss to be borne due to her absence but it is not our fault. A sudden event needs her to stay with her granny in Canada.

As the schools are just opened and the back to school time is always of vital importance but I assure you that she would cover the course as quickly as possible at her first priority. Merina would be flying back to the US on 23rd July 2020. Kindly excuse her absence for a week i.e. from 18th July 20XX to 23rd July 20XX.

This will be a kind favor from you. Thank you.



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Re. Letter to Excuse from Returning to School

Dear Noah,

I am Shirley Noam from C9 Residency, Montreal. I am the mother of Kim Noam who is a student of grade VII in your school with registration number 43GHD0w99. Firstly, I want to congratulate you on the phenomenal success of the Annual Prize Distribution in which your school as recognized as a second-best Institute of Canada. It is a huge success and outcome of your industrious and tireless efforts. It is time to get back to the work and students return to the school with new enthusiasm and zest to work harder.

I am sad to inform you that Kim is, unfortunately, suffering from a very irritable disease of chickenpox. She had her chicken pox last Friday which left her in a very pathetic situation of irritation, recurring fever, and weakness along with body aches. She will join the school very soon.

I hope you will show kindness to the matter I just put forth and grant her one week’s leave. Thank you in anticipation.



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