Letter Informing the Customers Temporary Closure of Business

A letter to inform the customers about a temporary closure of the business is also a type of notification telling them the suspension of business for a temporary period of time. Sometimes, there can a specific date and indicated time period during which the business would remain closed but sometimes a specific date or time period of business closure is not communicated depending on the situation and reason(s) of the closure. At some point, a business owner feels the need of closing the business for a short or even long period of time due to certain reasons. The temporary closure is more appropriate than a full closure.

While suspending business for a specific or unspecific time period but temporarily, the responsibility of communicating about the closure is compulsory on the shoulders of the owner. To communicate about the temporary business closure, the most seemingly right way is to writing or notifying in the reason of the business closure to the customers explaining the business trails.

There can be various reasons behind suspending business for a temporary period of time, some of them are following

  • The situation of emergency in the country or region
  • Unexpected lower profits
  • Resource scarcity
  • Bad feedback by the public

There are certain things to be kept in mind while notifying the customers about the temporary closure of the business:

  • Keep in mind the federal and state laws
  • Keep detail records
  • Notify with clarity and specify your notification with the reasons for closure
  • Compensation to the customers related to pending contracts or product delivery etc.

Sample Letter

Re. Notification for the Temporary Suspension of the Business

Dear Customer,

This letter aims to notify you about the temporary closure of CLK Cladding and Footwear from 1st July 20XX to onwards. The end of suspension is not known yet. The reason behind the closing of the business is the inflicted lockdown in the country due to the gruesome situation of pandemic prevailing in the country.

Due to the daily huge rise in the number of Covid-19 patients, the government has inflicted a lockdown in the whole country categorically. The business of clothing and footwear does not lie under the category of the business which is allowed to stay open during the lockdown. The shutdown of business is made totally on the grounds of customer health care. To make sure social distancing and staying at home shutting down the businesses is evitable. To keep pace with the customer demands and necessities, online business working shall remain open. The business will stay closed till further orders by the government regarding the opening of the businesses and strategies of the lockdown.

The lockdown is expected to be lifted until the end of August. Amidst this grim situation, we are glad to inform you that the business shall stay open for online shopping and the company has decided to give out a flat 20 percent off on all the products to cherish its customers with the loyalty card.

We are grateful to your support, understanding, and kind assistance in the time of this pressing dilemma and complication. For more queries don’t hesitate to dial [X] or reach us by [Email].


CEO CLK Cladding and Footwear

Sector A4F Ninety-seventh Street 

James Hole Knots New York City, US

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