Hair Salon Price Increase Notice

A hair salon is a place visited by masses every day. Due to the trend-culture and self-awareness, there is seen a considerable rise in the number of people visiting hair salons to get them trimmed and well-groomed. With the rise in this culture, hair salons also, today, offer a variety of services which is part of the business.

According to a survey, an American typically spends $360 on haircuts. Similarly, there is an upsurge in the competitions among different hair salons as well. With a variety of services, there is a variety of prices charged for the services differently in different salons. A specific price list is followed to charge each customer for each service.

Hair salon prices should be displayed in the salons and a rise in the prices of services by a hair salon should be notified to the customers through SMS, emails, or display list. An increase in price notice should be notified properly and look self-explanatory i.e. explaining all the factors rationalizing the price raise. While writing a notice of this kind, there should be clear and unambiguous details about the raise. It is a pretty ethical and appreciated way of notifying the price raise by reasoning the price raise.

Address the customers in a well-woven way of writing notice and in a friendly manner. Mention the exact date and day from which the new prices would be followed. Also, mention old and new prices to communicate clearly.

Following is a sample price raise notice of hair salon

The Sample Notice

Sample Hair Salon Price Increase Notice

Dear Customers:

It is to inform all of you that there has been a little raise at the prices of different services by Shaw Hair Styles to be observed from July 1st, 20XX.

The reason behind the price change is following

  • Inflation in the country
  • A considerable rise in taxes
  • Renovation in business and service quality

Keeping the above-mentioned reasons in view, Shaw Hair Styles decides to make a small price increase from July 1st, 20XX for some of the treatments and services. The new price list is given below:

Service/Treatment                                  Old Price                            New Price

  • Hair Cut                                                $12.5                                  $15
  • Green Facial Massage                        $30                                     $33.5
  • Manicure/Pedicure                              $26                                      $30
  • Beard Styling Plus                               $8.6                                     $9

We take this price raise to ensure the quality of the services and positive results. We appreciate your support and understanding. Your confidence in Shaw means a lot for its business development and customer care relationship. Furthermore, if you have any queries on the matter of price raise, you are welcome to call us at [X] or email us at [Email].


Shaw Hair Styles

G3-MO Sector, Brooklyn

New York, US

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