Excuse Letter for being Absent from Work Due to Important Matter

Everyone has some very important personal matters in life that need proper attention. For such matters, people working in any organization are required to take a day or more off. The excuse letter is written when an employee remains absent from work for one or more days.

The purpose of writing this letter is to let the employer know about the important matter due to which you have to take one or more days off from work. The excuse letter can be written before going on leave or after taking the leave when the employer asks you for the reason.

In case you have to leave the work because you have something very urgent in your life, writing the excuse letter is recommended. It should be ensured that the important matter needed your attention badly. The letter should be written briefly. The main focus of the employee should be on the main point he wants to explain.

If you want to get your excuse letter accepted, it is always advisable to master the skills of writing excuse letter. Make sure that the excuse you have written makes sense and can convince your employer that you have a genuine reason to stay away from the workplace.

In order to write a simple, convincing and professional looking excuse letter, you can get the help from excuse letter for being absent template. The template requires the user to input details related to him in it and submit it to the authorities. Download the template in MS Word format and it is ready to use.

Tips for writing excuse letter:

  1. The tone of the letter should be formal and respectful. It should be kept in mind while writing the letter that you are writing to your senior and you should adopt a formal tone that is commonly used in business letters.
  2. The letter should include the details about you and the name and designation of the person you are addressing. A letter with incomplete details has on value. Moreover, it reflects the carelessness in the behavior of the employee.

Sample letter

Dear Mr. David,

Please excuse my absence from work on 3rd September 2018.

I did not inform before as I did not have any attention of being absent that day. I have applied for a mortgage and on the morning of 3rd September, I was called for an interview for that mortgage. I requested for a reschedule but it could not happen which is why I had to miss the work.

I apologize for my absence and would cover the work in the next two days. I hope you understand my problem and accept my apology.


Joseph Smith


Excuse Letter for being Absent from Work Due to Important Matter

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