Excuse Letter for being Absent from Work due to Emergency

An excuse letter is a letter that is written to get validation for being absent from the workplace. There are various reasons for being absent. One of the most common reasons is emergency in the family. Whenever you have to leave the work at the last moment due to an emergency, you should communicate your reason for leaving to your boss. Everybody’s life is subjected to the unforeseen situation.

Whenever you are in such situation, you should write an excuse letter to your employer and tell the reason for missing the work

Tips for writing the letter:

  1. Keep the letter short and to the point. Giving long details is not recommended as the employer does not have much time to read the entire letter. Moreover, you are writing this letter because of facing an emergency, your letter should not make the reader feel that you had plenty of time to write an excuse letter.
  2. As an employee, you should know the policies of the company. Make sure that you write the letter by keeping these policies into consideration. Make sure that you adhere to the policies of the company throughout the letter. Not following the policies will reflect the non-professional behavior.
  3. The tone of the letter should be professional. Make sure that you keep the letter formal and follow the format of professional business letters. The tone of the letter matters a lot as you are writing this letter to your seniors.
  4. Tell the reader that you will complete the pending work in extra shifts or from home to compensate for the loss the company has faced due to your absence from the workplace.

It is very important to know what to include in the excuse letter. A professionally written comprehensive yet concise excuse letter is more likely to get accepted by the employer.

If you think that you cannot write an effective excuse letter, you can download the template for excuse letter for being absent from work due to an emergency. The template provides you with an easy way to write a better excuse letter in no time.

Sample letter

Dear Ms. Monica,

I am writing this letter as a notification of my absence on 5th May 2018.

I was getting ready for work on 5th May when my wife fell down the stairs and fainted. I had to rush her to the hospital and it took the whole day as doctors wanted to confirm through different tests and scans that there were no head injuries.

Due to this emergency at home, I was unable to come to the office. I will put in extra hours in the coming week to make up for the loss of work. I hope you understand my situation.

Kindly, excuse my absence and accept my apology.


Will John


Excuse Letter for being Absent from Work due to Emergency

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