Employee Performance Review Sheet

If you want your team to work well, it is important to measure success. It is only possible to improve till you know the skills that your team needs to have and build. This is why it is important to review employee performance.

When you have a system in place to do this, you will be able to know what is working. You can improve areas where employees are weak therefore allowing your company to advance. It is possible to measure success in various ways. One way to do this is with the help of an employee performance review sheet.

What is an employee performance review sheet?

This is a sheet that records employee performance. The details present will help managers and other stakeholders analyze a team member’s performance. The performance review procedure can be different according to what you are measuring.

What does an employee performance review sheet do?

The sheet will include the strengths and weaknesses of the employee according to what you want to measure. You can have a rating system in place so that every employee’s skill level can be known. The goals that you set for the company or the employee can be measured with the help of the sheet as it includes information concerning how the employee works.

Employee performance review sheet

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How to create an employee performance review sheet?

A performance review sheet will differ according to your company and what you are measuring but you can keep the following points in mind when making it:

Professional format:

The sheet needs to be formal and professional-looking so that it is easy to fill in. It can have a heading like “Employee Performance Review”. You can then have separate areas to record different details.

Details of employee:

You need to add information about the employee like their name, employee ID, job title, date, department, review period, etc. The information that you add here should let the reader know which employee is being reviewed.


Make a table where you can review different areas of the employee’s behavior. The column area can include the details of the review from 1 to 5 for instance. 1 being for poor, 2 for fair, 3 for satisfactory, 4 for good, and 5 for excellent. You can fill in the table accordingly. The row area will include the features that you are reviewing. This can include details like Job Knowledge, Work Quality, Attendance, Productivity, Communication Skills, Dependability, etc.

A space in the table can be present where you give an Overall Rating of the employee according to the numbers above. A space can be present for comments. This will include extra details so that you can state what your suggestions are so that the employee can perform better.

Important details:

If you want the table to be easy to use for those who need it, you should only include important details on it. Do not add any information that is not needed because this will make the table confusing and it will be difficult and annoying to fill it in and even read it. Therefore only add information concerning what features you want to review of your employees.

Importance of an employee performance review sheet

It is important to know how all your employees are working so that you can know the ones who are helping the company out and those who are not. An employee performance review sheet can be used to help you do this. The sheet will help you measure the performance of all employees in the company. The sheet allows a company to know what areas of the company are prospering so that this can continue. You will even know where work is not occurring satisfactorily so that this can be changed.

The sheet can be used in case there is some issue with the employee that needs to be solved in court. This may occur when an employee claims that the employer did not behave with them professionally for instance.

You can use the sheet to discuss important details with the employees so that they can know what they have to do to improve and help the company out. Employees can know about their progress as well as future goals. In this way, they will be able to know about the performance standards that they need to fulfill.

Employee performance review write-p template

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