Conference Attendance Verification Letter Samples


Re. Confirming the Attendance at [name] Conference Dated [date]

Dear [name the organizer], I am much pleased to receive your invitation to the [name] conference. Your firm never let go of any event without filling it with pleasure and delight for the participants and attendants. I am overtly happy to confirm that I shall be attending the [name] conference at [venue] on [date]. The timing for which I have been invited is [time [ whereas I want to let you know that my attendance can differentiate a little bit from the time to which I have been invited.

The time difference shall not be large. This difference occurs due to an important business meeting with Russian Contractors who are visiting us for an important mass transit project. Therefore, I am afraid that I shall not be able to reach sharply on the given time, but the conference intrigues me to attend it at any cost. Hence, I will attend the conference with a little time difference mitigated by my manager.

In the invitation letter, I have been asked to deliver a brief speech to the international market sellers and the youth attending the conference. I would be glad to do that with such an amazing audience. Your organization never fails to attract corporate businesses through such mindful events and conferences. I am much hopeful that this event shall be full of learning, professional guidelines, and opportunities for the rising businesses. I am thankful to you for inviting me along with my team. We shall join you on [date]. In case of any changes, please contact my manager at [phone] or [email]. Thank you.


Conference attendance verification letter

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Re. Conference Attendance Confirmation Dated [date]

Dear [name of the event organizer],

This letter intends to confirm my attendance at the [name] conference 20XX. I am very happy and thankful to receive your invitation to the conference that I was waiting for a long. Attending events organized by your firms is always a great pleasure and a mindful experience. Your team is very competent and skillful in organizing such events and making them unforgettable.

I remember the [name] conference 20XX which was organized in [month]. I still inoculate those experiences in my team and their work. I have marked my calendar and shall attend the conference with complete zeal and zest. As our business is related to tech and software, therefore, I will not be able to deliver a speech on the business trade circle in the textile business. I am not an expert to talk on that, therefore, I request you to remove my name from the key speakers or change the subject of the speech.

With the success of last year’s conference, I keep high hopes for this event too. We have also tagged your conference to our official website and social media accounts. As the event relates to youthful entrepreneurs, this conference will be full of many learning experiences through speakers, researchers, and other presenters. I am looking forward to a very productive day at the conference. Thanks for inviting me. I will be on time at the given venue.


Conference attendance verification letter

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