Conference Attendance Verification Letters and Format

Conferences are generally organized to make different leaders and experts from the industry meet at a hub and share their experiences and knowledge that ensures learning and introduction to many new concepts. In the business world, the purpose of the conference is to allow all the key stakeholders of the company to come together and discuss some common goals to achieve. These conferences have so much importance and therefore, whenever a person is sent an invitation to attend the seminar, he is required to confirm that he will attend it.

What is an attendance confirmation letter?

When someone receives an invitation to attend a conference and they are asked to confirm their attendance, they can write the conference attendance verification letter. Sending this letter is the same as sending an RSVP which also confirms that you will attend the event you have been invited to.

Why it is important to write a verification letter for attendance?

At times, the person or organization that invites people to the conference waits for a response from all those people. There are several arrangements that the organizers of the convention are required to make. For this, they need to know the number of attendees. This number is confirmed with the help of the confirmation letter the organizers of the seminar receive. Once the number of attendees is confirmed, the organizers discuss key details regarding the upcoming convention.

Things to remember before writing:

Before you practically start writing this letter, consider the following points:

Know the agenda:

As you know, it is not possible to confirm the attendance to organizers of all the seminars you are invited to. You have to be selective and choose the meeting that is suitable for you. Before you say yes to the organizers, you must read the agenda of the seminar thoroughly. Note that this step is important for those who have a choice to attend or not attend the meeting. Those who have been instructed by their employers to attend the meeting can confirm the attendance straight and then read the agenda.

Use the template:

Some people want to save their time and for this purpose, they try to find a readymade letter that only requires a little editing. From various sources, a template can be downloaded. This template will allow you to pay attention to the meeting instead of the confirmation letter and its format.

How to write a convention confirmation letter?

Some people find themselves at a loss for words when they have to confirm attendance. This happens generally because they want to sound professional and make certain that they have communicated their message well. The guidelines given below can be useful for all those people who struggle with writing the verification letter:

Refer to the invitation of request:

Just like any other professional letter, this letter should also be started by giving the reference of the invitation or the request letter you have received. The reader of the letter should be told that this confirmation letter should be deemed a response to the meeting request letter written earlier. To be clearer and more comprehensive, mention the date on which you received the letter of invitation to the seminar.

Show gratitude:

For many people, it is a great honor to receive the invitation to the conference and they feel happy about being invited. Some people have their point of view or review that they want to share with different people. When they receive the request of attending the seminar, they feel happy about getting an opportunity and therefore, show thankfulness in the letter. The gratitude should be expressed naturally and since you are not writing casually, there is no need to show what you are feeling.

 A statement of verification:

After you have thanked the recipient of the letter, confirm your attendance at the seminar. You can use any affirmation frame to let the recipient know about it. But, it is important to make certain that you don’t cause any ambiguity in the letter. There should not be any ifs and buts in the letter that can confuse the letter.

Close the letter:

In the closing of the letter, you can ask the recipient to write the confirmation from their side also. This will help you confirm that they have received your verification letter and they have acknowledged it.

Conference attendance verification letter

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