Contract Renewal Letter Samples for Nurse


Re. Contract Renewal Letter w.r.t Contract no. [X] Dated [DATE]

Dear Sir, I am [NAME] and I have been working as a nurse in your NHS Trust Center since 20XX on a contract basis. The contract was signed on [date] according to which I had to perform various nursing duties described in the terms of reference of the job. The contract was said to be valid for [x] years. I am sad to inform you that the duration of the contract is about to be expired. I want you to extend my contract duration by renewing the contract before its expiry date i.e. [date].

The contract was not that meaningful for me till I started enjoying working here as a nurse. The content I found in consoling the patients and their relatives embedded in pain and disappointment and hope together is unforgettable.

Just with the start of my work, I started loving myself as a nurse with so many important tasks to do. I feel pleasure in being the cause to bring hope and consolation to the appalling souls. This job has not only an emotional attachment for me, but it keeps another side for me as well. Working here gave me an opportunity to learn a lot of new things.

Working with senior doctors and medical specialists and other staff members gave me infinite views of looking at one disease and problem. I learned a lot from the TTST Training sessions where the nurses were trained to communicate with the patients effectively. It not only benefitted me at work but groomed my overall personality.

Sir, as there is no permanent seat for the nurse vacant in this trust center, I request you to consider me till a permanent seat is announced. I will also follow all the protocols to get the permanent allocation here as it is my immense desire to work in this organization.

Please respond with your kind remarks. Also, inform me if I need to follow another procedure for the contract renewal. I shall be grateful.

Thank you.


Contract renewal letter for nurse

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Re. Request for Contract Renewal

Dear [name],

In this letter, I request you to order for the renewal of my contract that is going to expire on [date]. I was recruited as a nurse in Pre-operation and Post-operation healthcare on [date] for [x] years. The contract is valid only till [date]. I want you to renew my contract before its expiry so that it does not impact my resume by showing a gap between my work.

The contract was signed on [date] and I joined as a nurse in your hospital on [date]. According to the contract details, my tenure of work is valid from [date] to [date]. Having no other vacant seat for a permanent employee, I request you to renew my contract. My work has always been satisfactory and has never been a cause of disappointment for the hospital. My competency as a nurse can be inquired from my immediate supervisor nurse [name].

Sir, I have no other job currently and I depend on this job to earn livelihood for myself and my mother. Having multiple financial crunches currently, I am in no position to leave this work and spend weeks or months finding another. Please, renew my contract owing to the details I have mentioned above. I shall be greatly thankful to you and consider this an act of your kindness. Please contact me to respond at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


Contract renewal letter for nurse

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