Contract Renewal Letter Format for Nurse

What is a contract renewal letter for a nurse?

The letter written by the administration of the hospital to the nurse letting him/her know about the renewal of the contract is generally regarded as a contract renewal letter. Most of the time, hospitals sign such contracts with their nurses which can be renewed under certain conditions.

The hospital decided to renew the contract with the nurse when the nurse’s performance has been up to the mark and the management of the hospital is happy with the diligence and honesty with which the person appointed on the post of nurse demonstrates. 

Why do companies write renewal letters?

It is not easy for a company to keep changing its employees every year or every six months. People who are seen getting well-adjusted with their work and workplace environment are preferred over hiring new people and training them again. Therefore, when the company wants the nurse to work for an extended period of time for the hospital, the renewal letter can be written to the nurse.

There are many other options to communicate this important message to the nurse. The letter is the most suitable and reliable method to use. Although writing letters are now considered old-fashioned and outdated, they are still deemed better than many other alternatives because they convey the information more comprehensively and there are very few chances for the letter to land up in the spam.

In which situations a renewal letter can be drafted?

When the performance of the nurse is up to the mark and

  • the management of the hospital as well as the patient are happy with the nursing work
  • When the hospital fails to find a right replacement
  • When the nurse requests the hospital to renew the agreement instead of terminating it.

Many other situations vary from hospital to hospital. Carefully watch your situation and then draft the letter since the content of the letter may also vary with the situation. Regardless of which situation you choose to write this letter in, the letter should be sent before the expiry of the bond.

What should be included in the contract renewal letter?

This is a professional letter that is generally divided into three main sections. These sections are:

  1. Introduction of the letter:
  2. The decision regarding the renewal of the bond
  3. Special instructions pertaining to the renewal


The goal of every letter is to convey the message to the reader in a clear way. You will not be able to get your message across if you don’t give the introduction in the letter. This letter might bring sudden and unexpected news for the nurse. So, make certain that you make it clear at the start of the letter what the letter is about. Inform the nurse that the hospital’s authorities have decided to extend the employment period of the nurse.

The decision regarding the renewal:

In this section of the letter, you will give more comprehensive details of the renewal. For instance, you will first mention the date on which the bond was supposed to be expired. Then, you will mention that you are extending the employment period and therefore, the bond will not be expired on the said date. If the extension period of the agreement has already been decided, mention it. If you have not decided anything as of yet, ask the nurse to wait for further notification.

Special instructions:

In the closing of the letter, you should inform the nurse as to what she should do to confirm that she has read and understood the letter and she is ready to work with the extended contract. if the terms and conditions of working in the hospital for the nurse remain the same, do mention it in the letter.

Try to answer all those questions that might be coming into the mind of the nurse while reading this letter. The nurse might not be happy with the renewal decision in some cases. So, ask the nurse to come forward and respond to this letter to let everyone know about her prerogative.

Contract renewal letter for nurse

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