Letter Inviting Employee Back to Office after Work from Home

After half of the world has been administered vaccine for covid-19, HR leaders across the world are trying to bring people back to the workplace. Due to the pandemic, it was important for everyone to maintain social distance and to curtail the spread of the virus, people started to work from home. “Work from home” became the new normal and the entire world shifted to a virtual workplace.

Although it also worked well, there is no substitute for working in the office physically. Therefore, as soon as the world managed to get a hold of the pandemic, the employers started to invite their employers to come back to work in the office. 

What is it?

This is a type of business communication between an employee and the manager in which the manager informs the employee that he is no longer needed to stay at home and work from there and he can join the office now at his earliest convenience. These days, businesses try to find and adopt the latest ways to make sure that the employees remain updated on everything. Businesses also ensure the safe return of workers to their offices.

The world is never going to be normal everything the pandemic has hit it. Due to this, businessmen are trying to come up with new plans to follow in an attempt to ensure the safety of every individual. Writing an invitation letter to employees is one of the main steps people take in this regard.

What should be included in the letter to invite the employee to work in the office?

There are a few details that must be mentioned in every invitation letter written to invite people to work physically in the office. A few of them have been mentioned below:

Invite the employee:

As soon as you start the letter, let the employee know that the company is inviting him to come back to work at the workplace. This should be followed by a welcoming message to spend positivity. The company should let the employee feel that the company is glad to invite him to work. While inviting the employee, the date from which he should be working in the office must be specified in the letter.

Discuss Changes that have been made:

Since have not completed reverted to normalcy, there might be a few things that are different from before. So, you must address them in the letter. For instance, if you have changed the office timings, let the employee know about it. All the SOPs the company is following and expecting every employee to follow must be addressed in the letter. 

Detail your expectations from the employee:

You should keep this fact in mind that the employee is returning to work after a long break and you must reiterate the expectations of the company from him. You can ask the employer to recall the policies of the company and try to show adherence to them. If there are a few things the employee is expected to do concerning the following of standard operational procedures, do mention them. 

Inform the employee as to where to send their queries:

After reading this letter, there might be lots of questions popping up in the mind of the employee and you should understand this. So, inform the employee about who he can contact for his queries. For making things simpler, provide the phone number or email address of the person who should be contacted in case of any query.

Show gratitude to the employee:

Employers are expected to show gratitude to the employee who has remained loyal to the company while working from home and is ready to be available to him for work in the office as well. This makes the letter even more positive.

Follow the template:

People who don’t know how to come up with a perfect and professional piece of writing are often recommended to use the template. The template provides a professional format that can be easily followed. People can either use the template or create a format of the letter using the template. In either case, they will be able to send a perfectly written letter to invite employees to the workplace. 

Sample letter:



Name of the employee:
Company’s name:

Welcome back to work!

After working from home for consecutive three months, the company is glad to welcome you back to work. Our goal is to make sure that every worker in the office remains safe and secure.

We have ensured the following steps to keep the workplace safe:

  1. Sanitizing the office more frequently
  2. Working hours distribution system
  3. Maintenance of distance at the worksite
  4. Imposing limits on how many people can gather in a room at a time

Thank you for showing patience and support and welcome back to (mention the name of the company)


Name of the sender,



Letter Inviting Employee Back to Office after Work from Home

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