Complaint Response Letter

In professional setups, you are always in a state of receiving complaints of different types whether you’re running a business; you are a government officer, working as a principal of an institute, etc. These professional setups demand you to behave like professionals even in the worst of situations. Receiving an aggressive complaint letter may make you lose your temper but here’s where the moment to be sane begins.

Writing a complaint letter response is an art: An art big enough that only a few corporations, businesses, and institutions master. Dealing with complaints has a direct link with your reputation. It forms a public opinion of you.

The tactics to respond to a complaint letters are hereunder;

  • Do not be late! As soon as you receive a complaint letter, try to respond to it. At least inform the sender that you’ve seen the letter and will get back with a solution.
  • Not everyone knows how to write potential and decent complaints. Some people just start banging others down and write aggressive complaint letters. The tactic is to be more polite with such complaints and write your complaint letter response even more carefully.
  • When you receive a complaint, know that it is feedback from your customer/employee, etc. Your complaint letter response should tell them that their feedback matters for you and is highly valuable.

Though there’s no specific rule for writing complaint letters, they are usually written in email format and business letter format is rarely used for complaint response letters.

There is also no specific length of a complaint response letter. It depends on the nature of the complaint and the details associated with it.


Since your customers feel valued when they receive a response to their complaint, you should not forget that they also expect action from you following the response. Nonetheless, writing a prompt complaint letter gives a good impression of you and is in itself an advertising tool.

So, check your inbox right now and send response letters to all complaints that you find there. Because it matters!

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Complaint response letter

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