Complaint Letter to Labor Office for Salary

When someone works for an organization, getting the pre-defined salary is their basic right. The labor department of any organization can be consulted when employees feel that they have some sort of problem with their employer. One of the most common problems that employees face these days is the problem of delayed or non-payment of the salary. The purpose of the employee to approach the labor office is to get the issue resolved employees have been going through.

The labor office is targeted to help those laborers who are exploited by the organizations they work for. People who are exploited in one or another way must write a complaint letter to the labor commission so that it can take necessary actions against the organization that has held the salary of the employees. This letter not only helps the employees get their salary but also lets the organization never repeat the same thing with any other employee again.

What is a complaint letter for salary?

When you are working regularly in an organization and you don’t get the salary scheduled to be paid to you every month, you write a complaint letter and communicate the problem.

What information should be included in this complaint letter?

Your letter written to the labour commission should include the following details:

Address of the labour office:

In any complaint letter, it is important to mention the address of the recipient. Similarly, the address of the labor office will be added at the very start of the letter.

Name of the employee:

The next step is to include the name of the employee who is working in the company and facing the problem pertaining to salary.

Name of the company:

The labor commission would like to know about the company that is exploiting its employees. For this purpose, the name of the company in which the complainant works must be specified.

Working period:

In the complaint letter, the duration of the working period of the employee in the same company should be specified.

Reason to write the complaint:

It must be kept in mind that the reader is not always smart enough to understand as to what the reason behind might be writing this complaint letter unless you implicitly define it. Therefore, it is always recommended that you never miss out on this information. Clearly describe that the company in which you work is not paying you the salary for whatever period. Don’t forget the amount that is yet to be paid.

Signatures of the sender:

When the person writing the complaint signs the letter, he confirms that the information is provided in the complaint letter is true and is being provided with his consent.

Sample letter:


The labor commission:
Address of the labor office

Subject: Complaint about salary

I Mr. ABC working as a sales manager in XYZ Company state that I have not received the salary of last 3 months from the company, although I have been working regularly.

The company gave me some sales targets to achieve that I could not achieve because of lessor demand for those products in the market. Then, the company refused to pay me and asked me to resume working with the hope that I might complete the sales target and get paid.

I have tried my best to achieve the target. However, it seems to be next to impossible these days when there is a lot of uncertainty in the market. I feel that I have wasted my 3 months working in the company without pay. The company is even not willing to pay my basic salary.

I don’t belong to a financially sound family and I have to struggle to make ends meet. In this type of situation, it is devastating to see someone making me work for them and then don’t pay me for three months straight. This letter is being written to you to solve my issue. I am attaching the salary slip of the last salary I received along with the employment contract. This will enable you to get a better understanding of the entire situation.


Name of the recipient

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