Complaint Letter against School Management

It is the responsibility of the school to satisfy children as well as their parents in terms of education and other services provided to them. The school becomes answerable to parents of the children enrolled if anything goes south.

What is a complaint letter against school management?

Many such schools just focus on the education system only. Due to this, many schools fail to improve their management system. However, schools come to know that they need to bring improvements when they receive the complaint letter.

Many such educational institutes encourage people to complain to management and administration. This enables the school to bring improvements to its system and evaluate the performance of the employees working in the school. When the parents have any issue with the management, they write the complaint to the head of the school about the issue. This letter lets the head of the school know about every person in the management who has been tasked with various responsibilities.

How to write the complaint letter against the management of the school?

If you want to be heard and want your issue to be resolved, you should write the complaint letter in such a way that the concerned authorities get a clear understanding of your letter and take it strictly to get the issue resolved. Below are tips to follow:

Introduce yourself:

While writing this letter, the first thing that you should write about is your introduction. You should tell the school’s head that how you interacted with the management of the school and why you visited the school.

Explain things:

While complaining, tell the head of the school that how and what incident took place and caused you inconvenience due to the management of the school. If the complaint is against the incident, talk about that incident in detail. Additionally, if you did not like the working of the management system, you can talk about those things one by one.

Regardless of what factors you have in your mind while writing the complaint letter, always remember to keep the letter brief. Always remember that the head of the school is a busy person who does not have time to read a long letter. Therefore, keep the letter short.

Tell what you want:

In this section of the letter, the reader might want to know what you are expecting from him. Therefore, be clear about it. You are always asked to tell this in the letter that you are writing a complaint letter and you want certain actions to be taken. Be clear about it.

Proofread and send:

No matter to whom you write the complaint letter, it is always important to cast a positive impression on the reader. For this purpose, always make sure that the letter is free from all spellings and grammatical mistakes. Furthermore, the structure of the sentence should be such that it is easy for the reader to comprehend the content of the letter.

Therefore, you are recommended to proofread this letter well before you sent it out to the concerned authorities. If you are not well-versed at writing formal letters, take guidance from someone good at it and get it to proofread from that person.

Sample letter:

Name of the student
Name of the school
Class name and section
Reg# of the student


Name of the principal:

Subject: [Write Here]

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to complain about the issues that I have been facing due to the management of the school for the last few months. I am very much satisfied and happy with the education system of the school. The school has helped my child grow and learn. However, the school must also focus on the management system along with the education system.

Last month I visited the school to talk to the head of the fee department of the branch in which my child is enrolled. In the past few months, the school adds extra charges in the challan form of my child without even telling me the real cause of the charges. When I inquired about it, they were failed to answer me. However, neither they subtracted those charges from the challan nor they gave a satisfactory answer to my question. This month again I have received the fee challan with extra charges.

I am hereby writing this letter to bring this to your notice that the management of your school is not cooperating with kids and their parents. Kindly take strict action to deal with these issues and please ask them to inform me about what I inquired about. I am looking forward to your response.


Name of the student
Name of the class


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