Complaint Letter against Misbehaviour of Teacher/professor

A teacher’s job is to inculcate the best principles of moral values in his/student apart from teaching the subject that she or he has been tasked to. The behavior of the teacher also matters a lot. If a teacher has the best skills of teaching and possesses too much knowledge, all will be useful if he or she does not behave well. Therefore, every educational institute expects its teachers to behave well and set the best examples for their students.

When to write the complaint letter against the misbehavior of the teacher?

Many people are confused as to when to write the complaint against the teacher. However, it is recommended that if you see that the teacher’s behavior is not up to the mark or she/he is doing something that she/he is not supposed to do, you can write the complaint letter to let the higher authorities know about it.

It is worth remembering that if you don’t write the complaint letter right after the misbehavior of the teacher and wait for few days for things to settle, you will end up ruining everything. As a matter of fact, the teachers are employees in an educational institute and there are also many policies of the institutes which the teachers are also required to follow.

Importance of writing the complaint letter against misbehavior of teacher:

Every school has some specific codes of conduct that are implemented for students as well as teachers. Due to these codes, the teachers are required to behave in a certain way. If a teacher misbehaves, she should be answerable for not following the code of conduct strictly.

Your complaint letter can make the teacher answerable to those who have hired him/her. Furthermore, the teacher is likely to correct his/her behavior once they come to know that someone has lodged the complaint against them and they might lose their job because of their bad behavior.  

How to write the complaint letter against misbehavior?

When you are writing this letter against the bad behavior of the teacher, you should try to ensure that your complaint is taken seriously. For this purpose, you should professionally write the complaint letter. Considering the importance of writing this letter effectively, we are going to give you some guidelines as to how you can write this letter to communicate your message.

Introduce yourself:

As soon as you start writing the complaint letter, let the school know that who are you and how you interacted with the teacher noticed the misbehavior.

Talk about the misbehaviour of the teacher:

Explain this in the letter that when and how many times you have suffered from the misbehavior and why you thought to write the complaint letter.

Show that you respect the teacher:

Although you are complaining against the teacher, you should remain respectful to show that you value the teacher.

Sample letter:

Student Name
School Name
Class: [X] | Reg# [X]


Name of the principal:

Subject: [Subject line]

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am a student of grade 9 section D at XYZ School. I am a proud student at your school who has been taught the best principles of moral values. I have learned a lot from this school. I have never faced any problem during all these academic years I have spent in your school. However, I have been facing some serious issues for quite a while now.

I am writing this letter to bring the behavior of our new math teacher to your notice. Mr. ABC who has recently been hired as a professor of mathematics is seriously creating problems for us. He has a strange habit of shouting at his students.

As a teacher of mathematics, he should try to clear our concepts and listen to our problems as and when we have any. However, when we ask him to explain any difficult concept again, he gets annoyed and then starts shouting at us. Owing to this behavior, we have stopped asking any questions and now we feel that our learning has stopped.

Furthermore, he does not cover all the points in class. This has compelled us to take extra coaching class which is hard for us to manage.

This letter is being written on the behalf of entire class 9 section C. We would like to request you to either change our teacher or ask the current teacher to change his behavior. We all shall be very much grateful to you for this act of kindness. We hope that you will take serious action and resolve our issue. If you want to know anything additional about the matter, please let us know.


Name of the student
Name of the class


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