Company Email Notifying of a Process Change

It is not easy for organizations to bring about and manage change. Whether it is the change in process or any other part of the organization, it is more challenging to keep everyone motivated. This is the point where an organization needs someone to have extraordinary leadership skills who can effectively manage the change in process, priority, policy, and responsibility. 

In addition to leadership skills, an organization also needs great communication skills so that it can easily communicate the changes. Employees are the driving force of the organization and they are always informed whenever there is a change in the process. Change sometimes offsets employees because it is unexpected. However, the company needs to write an email to communicate this change in the process. 

What is a company email notifying of a change in the process?

Email is a formal means of communication for an organization in which the transition in the process from one state to another is communicated. This email is a formal mode of communication and one should never forget any important person while sharing it with the staff. 

Best practices to remember while notifying of a change process:

Perceive the change in process

Most of the leaders don’t bother to understand the changes in the process that have been made. So, when they try to communicate that change, they don’t do it right. Leadership needs to get a complete understanding of the change along with its scope. Then, they should write the email. They can ask a variety of questions to understand it well. Once they have understood the process, they can write the email to their staff confidently. 

Discuss the change from your team’s point of view:

Now, when they have started to discuss the change, they should start discussing it from their team’s outlook. They should discuss who will have to face the impact of the change and how the scope of the process will help their team grow. 

People in the company work hard to achieve their goals. They find it hard to accommodate the change and therefore, show defiance. It is the job of the leadership to communicate the change in such a way that the staff shows a willingness to accept the change. This happens when the change is discussed from the staff’s viewpoint. Another thing to remember is that the change should be communicated in such a way that it talks about the scope of the change, the purpose of the change, and efforts needed to reap benefits. 

Talk about the change emphatically:

The leadership is usually recommended to make a thorough plan as to how the change will be welcomed and implemented. Planning the change is one of the first steps towards successful communication. The person writing the email should make sure that the change in process is communicated clearly. There should be no ambiguity in the explanation of the change.

Additionally, don’t use negative words as they have a bad impact. Make use of positive language and try to remain positive throughout the email. Make use of words in such a way that the team can feel that the leader is honest. Remind the staff that teamwork and the contribution of every person are required. 

Offer the support: 

The transition in change is not easy. Staff usually needs a lot of practice and assistance from its leadership. So, the leadership must offer support in doing whatever it takes to implement the change in the process. When a change is introduced in the process, everyone needs to realign themselves even if it is the positive one. The leadership should understand it and offer support. Different follow-up meetings and discussion sessions must be initiated to discuss the change and challenges associated with it. 

End on a positive note:

The email should have a definite ending point where some concluding remarks and comments can be given by the leadership. Just like any other email, the leadership in this email also shows positivity. by saying that effective change in process and management of the change in process is expected from the team members. 

Sample Email

This is to notify that our company has changed the process of supply management of raw materials, effective from 1st July 20XX.

It has been observed that our manufacturing process often faces slack time due to our current process of the storage of raw materials. We only store 5% excess raw materials, other than the ones that are being currently employed in the production process. As the extra raw materials are not sufficient to keep the production going, the time between placing the raw material supply order, and receiving it, often results in an inefficient manufacturing process.

Therefore, we have changed this policy, and from 1st July 20XX, 10% excess of raw materials will be ordered and stored. The supply management team is expected to place the orders accordingly.

We are hoping that this new changed process will improve the overall efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

For any questions, contact at [X]. Do not reply to this email.



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