Complaint Letter about Poor Maintenance in School

Maintenance is a process of keeping the asset or property in its good condition. The purpose of performing the maintenance is to enable the property to restore its condition. Maintenance of school is very important from an aesthetic point of view. A well-maintained school is also a safer place for students.

In order to perform the maintenance, the administrative, as well as technical steps, are required to be taken. Management of the school is responsible for the maintenance. There are different departments in the school and each department requires separate maintenance measures to be taken. Many schools devise a proper plan for restringing the school in its good condition.

A poorly maintained school reflects the negligence and carelessness of the responsible people. A student has a right to complain about the poor maintenance.

There are many ways to let the principal of the school know about the issues regarding the maintenance of the school. One of the most common ways is writing a complaint letter

The complaint letter is usually written to the principal of the school. In some cases, this letter is written to the HR department.

The purpose of the letter is to capture the attention of the higher authorities towards the maintenance issues so that they can take the necessary steps to perform the maintenance.

How to write the complaint letter?

Before writing the complaint letter, you should make the outline of the letter. Write down all those points that you want to include in the complaint letter. Write the letter in such a way that the reader can understand your problem well.

The letter should be started straight from the issue being faced in the school due to poor maintenance. Tell the reader that how the poor maintenance is becoming the cause of inconvenience for the students and faculty.

The tone of the letter should be polite. Although it is a complaint letter, you should not express your dissatisfaction with anger. Keep the letter concise since it is a formal letter. End the letter by thanking the reader in advance.

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Sample Letters

Letter 1

Complaint Letter about Poor Maintenance in SchoolDear principal,

I am writing to complain about the poor maintenance of your school. Yesterday my daughter, Elizabeth Li of grade 4 came home with a cut on her arm. When I asked her, she said her arm scratched against a nail on her desk. I have taken her to the hospital to get an anti-tetanus injection to avoid any infection.

I request you to ask the concerned personnel to repair faulty furniture before it leads to serious injuries for students.


Sarah Li

Letter 2

Complaint Letter about Poor Maintenance in SchoolDear Principal,

I am writing to complain about the school’s maintenance. My son Jonathan Clarke is a student of grade 6 in your school. Last Saturday I came to watch my son’s basketball practice. While sitting on the stands, I noticed how the nets and benches were broken. I observed that the school toilets were in a poor state.

Please ask the administration to make the necessary repairs to create a healthier environment for our children.


Ben Clarke

Letter 3

Complaint Letter about Poor Maintenance of Toilet in SchoolDear Principal,

For the past several weeks my son, David Klenerman, often comes home and complains of dirty toilets at school. He says the toilets are smelly even early in the morning. Moreover, from last two days, he says the toilets become clogged and the tissue rolls are often not replaced during the day.

I am writing to request for proper maintenance of toilets for students. It is a basic necessity. Students spend a significant part of their day at school and without working toilets, it becomes difficult for the children to concentrate in classes.


Ted Klenerman