Company Picnic Announcement Letter

Different companies organize picnic events for their staff because they believe that everyone needs a break from the mundane job. Going for an outing refreshes the mood and also releases the stress of the person that produces due to excessive workload. Such activities also increase the productivity of the employee. Companies also like to organize picnic parties because employees find some time to spend with colleagues. This way, a bond forms between people and it results in a better work environment.

What is a company picnic announcement letter?

When a company has to announce that it is going to hold a picnic party, it will have to write a letter to every employee. Writing a letter is the best way to communicate with everyone working in the company. 

Guidelines for writing company picnic announcement letters?

Below are some tips that everyone writing the picnic letter on behalf of the company can follow:

  1. The picnic letter should be free from ambiguity. 
  2. It should be to the point and should not lack the necessary information.
  3. Proofread the letter well before you send it out to everyone working in the company. 
  4. Make a rough draft of the letter before you start working on it. 
  5. Write the letter in such a way that it acts as an invitation for everyone working in the company. 

How to write the picnic letter?

Writing a picnic letter effectively is extremely important. Considering this, we have some guidelines for you to follow:

Make an announcement:

The letter should be started with a clear announcement of the decision the company has made to entertain employees. While making the announcement, the company gives information about the venue of the picnic, date and time, and many other details.

The announcement is also a type of invitation for all those people who receive this letter.

Give the background:

After receiving the letter, the employees might wonder as to what made the company decide to organize the picnic. So, the company should give a little background on this decision. The importance of a picnic or outing for an employee steeped in his job for so long can be discussed in the letter. However, don’t forget to keep it short.

State your expectations:

Most of the organizations like to emphasize the fact that the recipient of the letter must attend the picnic party. For this, they state their expectations from the recipient. Through this letter, they let the employee feel important as they ask him to come to the party to value the invitation.

Make a schedule of activities:

Sometimes, picnic parties have a series of activities scheduled by the company. These activities are also conducted for the entertainment of the employee. So, that schedule can also be attached with the letter. Seeing this, it will be easier for the employee to decide whether he should attend the picnic party or not.

Ask for acknowledgment:

Sometimes, people responsible to send picnic letters on the behalf of the company forget to send the letter to some employees. To ensure that the entire staff has been sent this letter, you can ask people to acknowledge the reception of the letter.

Ask to RSVP:

The company has to make certain arrangements regarding the picnic. So, it is vital to know how many people are expected to come. The RSVP form the recipient makes things easy for the company. In this letter, ask the employee to RSVP this letter. It also lets the company know if there is someone who has not been sent the picnic letter.

The bottom line:

There can be many other details that you might want to add to your letter depending on the system of the company. For example, in some situations, the picnic is paid, and the employees are also asked to pay a specific amount if he wants to be the part of the picnic party. Additionally, some letters also inform the employees about where they will be picked from for a picnic. If there are some conditions under which the picnic can be postponed such as poor weather, specify it in the letter.

Sample Letter

Dear employee,

ABC Solutions has always taken its employee’s mental health into account; hence we announce additional leaves, fun activities, and other perks from time to time for our esteemed workers. We believe that all of you are like a family to us. Investing in your satisfaction and contentment promises productivity, a good company environment, and of course, and not to mention the boost in your morale to skyrocket the business. So, this serves as a win-win for us all.

Keeping the long-run tradition of the company, we are yet announcing another picnic for all our employees. Please join us with your families at Bey Area Beach from 2 pm-5 pm where many exciting activities are waiting for you. Lunch will be served by the company. Be punctual so you do not miss out on any perks as you have a lot of surprises to unfold. Moreover, children are also welcome as it is a family event.

Should you have any queries or confusions, please feel free to contact Mr. Mike from HR department in his office during official timing.

With best wishes,

ABC Solutions

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