Excuse Letter for not Attending Class

When a student gets enrolled in an institution for completing an academic program of any type, it is his responsibility to attend the class and listen to the lectures to show a keen interest in learning. As a matter of fact, the school expects the student to focus on his studies so that he can excel in life and make his school proud. However, there are certain students who fail to meet the expectations of the institute and remain absent from classes for many days.

What is an excuse letter for attending class?

When a student remains absent from class, he or she is required to write an excuse letter to the principal of the institute or teacher in order to give an explanation of why he stayed absent. In most cases, a written explanation matters a lot. Many institutes ask for an explanation because they want to know the reason why something unpleasant happened. One of the most common explanation letters that students are generally required to write is when they show irregularity in terms of attending classes.

Importance of writing the excuse letter for not attending class:

Educational institutes teach the kind of discipline to their students that stay with them for a lifetime and helps them survive in their professional life. There are different ways in which these institutes make their enrolled students attend the classes regularly. One of the most viable ways is to devise such a policy that does not allow students to remain absent from their class. Some institutes have a policy of not allowing the student to take the final exam unless they show a minimum of 80% attendance in class.

Students are usually aware of this policy and therefore, responsible students try to be regular in class regardless of what efforts they are required to put. There comes a situation when a student has to be absent from class for many days. In this situation, he is required to write an excuse letter.

What is the advantage of writing the excuse letter for not attending the class?

Excuse letters are always written by individuals so that they can clear their position. These letters allow the individuals to prove that they were not absent from the class deliberately and they had a genuine reason to do that. When a student is able to prove that he had a genuine reason, he is likely to get relief from the institute or teacher.

Things to remember while writing excuse letter to teacher:

A teacher is someone who is the most respectful personality in our life. When we communicate with our teachers, we are required to keep certain codes of conduct and manners in mind. Writing the excuse letter also requires us to be careful in choosing words and giving explanations.

  1. The letter should always be written in a polite tone to express your regret for not being able to attend the classes. This will your teacher to understand that you were not also not happy not being able to attend the class.
  2. Keep the letter short and give your reason for being absent from the class in a respectful manner. Don’t write unnecessary details.
  3. Give proof of the reason. If you were absent because of illness, attach your medical letter or certificate with a letter to prove that your excuse was genuine.

Sample letter:


The principal,
Name of the school

The subject of the letter: [Subject line]

Respected sir/Ma’am,

I am a student of grade 9 section D at XYZ School. I have been taking regular classes for the last year regularly. I am writing this letter very regretful to let you know that I was absent from school for one week because of a very serious illness.

I know that school has a very strict policy of short attendance and students are not allowed to take final exams if their attendance in the entire session is not more than 80%. I am also aware of the fact that I have suffered a loss because I was not able to take classes and I am lagging behind a lot. I am trying to make up for the loss and I hope that within a month, I will be back on track.

Please accept my excuse for not being able to attend the classes. I assure you that I will be regularly in the next classes. Also, allow me to take exams with low attendance as I have proof that my problem was genuine. I am attaching my medical certificate with this letter so that you can confirm my illness.

I shall be highly obliged if you accept my excuse and request. I am looking forward to your kind response.


Name of the student
Name of the class

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