Salary Deduction Letter for Negligence


Re. Deduction of Salary on Account of Negligence in ANIM Project of National Immunity w.r.t. Letter No. 45F-7D

Respected Employee,

This letter has been written to inform you of the deduction in your salary for the month of June as a reprimand for your negligence in the ANIM Project of National Immunity. In this case, an amount of USD 500 has been deducted from your salary for the month of June. This shall be illustrated in the salary slip of June 20XX by demonstrating the salary deduction and the total payable amount.

The company provided you with a written reprimand letter in May 20XX when you were guilty of losing the NCS project with reference to the reprimand letter no. RL-009. The project was lost due to your negligence in compiling the report and contract for manufacturing details and our warehouse illustrations attached (the details can be found in letter no. RL-009). On 20th December 20XX, you were provided with another reprimand letter on negligence in your report compilation where you made a big error referring it to incompetent research (negligence).

According to the company’s policy, an employee can be provided with written reprimanding notices, not more than twice. Making errors of the same kind is termed negligence and hence it is to be treated with fine and ultimate termination in case of further loss to the company. To implement this, the company has directed the Accounts department to deduct a considerable amount i.e. 9% of the total sum of your basic salary exempting all the allowances.

This letter also serves as a final notice of your negligent behavior. Any further negligence shall result in your termination. Also, your meeting has been scheduled with the HR Manager, Mr. Jack for further consideration. You can contact at [X] for any details. Thanks.


Stephen Radcliff
General Manager
Hi-Sky Groups
89-C Iva Street, Nancy Ave, San Diego

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Re. Salary Deduction Notification

Dear Abel,

We are writing this to inform salary deduction from your basic salary for the month of June 20XX. An amount of USD 428 shall be deducted from your salary on the account of unexpected negligence countered at your end. The company has been catered with considerable loss and credit deficit because of your negligence; hence this decision has been made by the recent meeting of the Board of Governors to review the performance of the employees for the month of May-June 20XX.

The review report explores multiple elements of negligence from the Research team that caused the company to lose membership to the G-9 Visionary Annual Meeting. The loss is so huge that it cannot be retrieved; hence the head of the BoG meeting has decided to not terminate the Research Team Head. Instead of terminating, the BoG head has decided to deduct an amount of 7.9% from the basic salary of the employee.

They have also mentioned that any further negligence of this sort, pertaining to any department, shall result in termination only. It is directed to you to meet the Project Manager, Mrs. Emily, on 17th June 20XX at 15:00 in her office at L-2 and contact the accounts department to enquire anything about the deducted amount.

Thank you.


Kale Oliver
General Manager
Department of Administration and DPA
Huntington Hap Hastings Organization (H3O)
59-B G-10 Edward Street, Ripple Ave, San Diego

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