Company Anniversary Invitation Letter

In both personal as well as professional settings, anniversaries are celebrated with zeal and zest. In personal life, people organize parties and have fun with their friends and family, Businesses also have their way to celebrate anniversaries. They also organize parties and then invite all those people who they think must be at the party to celebrate the happy moments.

What is a company anniversary invitation letter?

It is a kind of invitation letter that is written to invite people to the event or anniversary. Inviting people to the anniversary is the way to connect with them.

The invitation letter is usually a type of announcement letter in which an announcement regarding the celebration of the anniversary is made.

Invitation letters have a special place in the life of people who believe in connectivity and making bonds with people. They send the invitation to those who they value and therefore, make them feel valued. These days, when the use of mobile phones and technology is so common, writing an invitation letter is quite outdated. However, people love to receive these letters because they are so rare now. So, even if you have an option to use any electronic mode to invite people, choose to write an invitation letter and make others feel special.

How to draft a business anniversary announcement letter?

This kind of invitation letter is an announcement in which you let everyone know that you are going to celebrate the event. The tone of the letter is usually formal or semi-formal.

Discuss why company is celebrating:

Such letters usually require a background to make grounds for the upcoming announcement. You can skip this step also and inform the reader about the anniversary. However, it is good to mention the importance of this celebration. In this section, the company usually talks about its achievements and the milestones it has achieved. It should be told to the reader that the anniversary is an important happening.

The invitation written to customers is the best way to bring them around to purchase the products of the company as they get familiar with the company. So, you can easily boost the sales of the company by highlighting some key achievements.

Make the proper announcement:

It is advisable to make it clear to the reader that the company is going to celebrate its anniversary this year.

Give details of the occasion:

An invitation letter requires you to provide the details regarding the event. Mention the name of the venue and time and date so that people can reach there easily.

End with showing positivity:

At the end of the letter, tell the reader that you will be glad to see him at the celebration. Also, make him know that it would be of great pleasure for the company to see him at the party.

What are the benefits of writing the invitation letter?

Companies that choose to write invites to their customers and staff usually reap many benefits. Some of the common advantages are:

  1. The invite written to customers on behalf of the company is the best way to promote the business. Brand recognition is very important for every such brand that wants to boost its sales and wants to be recognized. When customers or clients are invited to the anniversary and they attend the event, they start recognizing the brand, and therefore, they choose to shop products from the same brand every time.
  2. The business can flaunt its achievements in the invitation letter. This lets the reader know about the milestones that the company has achieved in this all time. When a business shows that it has done something useful for people and contributed to a good cause, it proves that its existence in the market makes sense.
  3. The business can easily make people believe that it values its customers by writing them an invite in the form of a letter. In the letter, the business mentions that the celebration will not be complete without them. Additionally, the business also specifies that it would not have been possible for it to complete another year without the support and recognition from its customers. This way, the business gives credit to customers making them feel special.

Sample Letter

Subject: Company anniversary invitation

We are pleased to announce the celebration of our 40th anniversary of providing top-class services to the residents of Florida. This is a special occasion that deserves celebration. You are cordially invited as our valued guest on 25th of this month at Town Hall. The provision of world-class services is our hallmark and we have been serving the community since 1981.

We still remember the first day of our establishment as a small company outlet. Since then, we gradually developed ourselves to huge retailers and nowadays, we are known as a business giant amongst our competitors. We feel pride in saying that we are the number one retailer both in the field of sales and services. This is what we had been striving for since our establishment.

We began our functions in 1981 when the founder of this company took his unique idea to members of the town council. They agreed to invest in our development and gradually, we managed to bring a revolution in our field of services. We have maintained our tradition of top-quality services and products. By virtue of our motive, we have expanded in size, became the number one company in the state, and managed to win the pride of performance award three consecutive times.

To celebrate our anniversary, you are requested to bring your family members with you. You will be served food and there will also be entertainment for children. We look forward to establishing long-term business relations with you and are committed to providing you unique services.

We believe that our loyal customers are the main reason behind our huge success. As gratitude, we announce 50 percent flat discount on our all products from 25th to 30th of this month. We again wish you to celebrate our anniversary with us in a special manner.



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