Early Leave Message to Boss

What is early leave?

When you want to leave the office earlier than usual, you apply for early leave. This leave is a kind of permission that you from your boss to leave the office early. There are many ways to get early leave. Mostly, people visit the office of their boss and then ask for leave. However, when his boss is busy and cannot entertain you in person, you can send him a message.

When to send an early leave message?

There are different situations when you have to write an early leave message to your boss. Some of these situations are:

  1. Some people experience a home emergency and have to go back home as soon as possible. In that situation, they cannot draft a letter and wait for things to get worsen.
  2. When they have an appointment with the doctor but they also don’t want to miss their work, they come to the office and then take early leave which is also known as short leave.
  3. When a person feels slightly under the weather and wants to go back home and take a rest, he can apply for early leave.
  4. Some people have to take early leave because they have something very urgent to do but could not take a full day off.

Things to remember:

Writing a message to your boss is something very uncomfortable that we don’t want to do. However, at times, it is completely unavoidable especially when you have to go somewhere urgently. If you are ready to send a message to your boss requesting him to allow you to take early leave, you can follow the tips given below:

  1. Since you are going to write a message, you don’t have to write anything comprehensively. Write the request in a concise manner and try to conclude the message in a few lines.
  2. Make sure that the reason you are going to provide in the message is a legitimate one. In an attempt to keep the letter short, some people don’t provide the reason for the message. However, sometimes the boss calls them in their office after reading the message and asks them to give a reason. In that situation, those who are not prepared for giving the reason put themselves in hot water. It is recommended to keep the reason in mind when you have to ask for early leave.
  3. While writing this message, make sure that you are ready to make appropriate use of words. If you don’t use words appropriately or you use such words that are not right for you to send to your boss, you are likely to unsettle the situation. So, keep tabs on what you say and how.
  4. Know the correct format in which you should write the message. In the professional world, messages are not usually liked and acknowledged. People usually write emails or letters to request because messages are not as readable as a professional letter is. When you have chosen to write a letter, it is your job to make sure that your message is readable and the reader gets a complete understanding.

How to write the message to the boss for early leave?

Give your introduction:

Many people are working in the company and your boss might not be able to remember each of them. So, when you write a message, give your introduction in the first two lines. In the introduction, tell your name, your designation, and the department to which you belong.

Make the request:

After giving the introduction, ask your boss straight away if you can take early leave from work or not. There is no need to complicate things. Simply make a request and let things go with the flow. There is no need to ask for leave in a flattering manner. Just ask for it in simple words and close the message.

Say thanks in advance:

Although you do not know whether the boss is going to approve your request or not, you should be grateful in advance. This shows that you have a professional attitude.

Tell the time:

Since it is an early leave, tell the time by which you want to exit.

Sample Messages


I am afraid I must leave early today as emergency work has cropped up. I will be back tomorrow on time and make sure to wind up the pending tasks.


I hate to bring it to your attention that I am leaving early today as I am having constant vomiting. I will get back on time tomorrow and complete all the tasks for today and tomorrow.


I am writing this message with great regret to inform you that I am leaving the office now as I am sick. I cannot work anymore today as my stomach is really hurting. I’ll be back tomorrow as per the schedule.


Because of a very intimate personal reason, I am pushed to take leave for the remaining day. Please allow me to get back to work tomorrow to resume the work. I’ll be obliged. Thanks!


I got a call from home informing me that my son is sick, and I need to take him to the hospital with my wife. Hence, I am leaving early today. I will make sure I complete all the remaining paperwork tomorrow.


My sister just informed me that my mother has fallen sick very severely and she is admitted to the ER. Please allow me to take a leave for the rest of the day to attend to my mother.


The very tragic news of my close relative’s sudden death has left my entire family in shock. We have to arrange the funeral on an emergency basis, so please permit me to take off for the remaining day.


My wife just brought it to my attention that something has bitten her, and her body is reacting strongly. I urgently need to take her to the hospital as there is no one else to help us. Please approve my request to take a leave for the rest of the working day.


Please pardon me for leaving during the work hours, my father has been very sick since last week but today his condition got even worse. Therefore, I must rush to attend to him.


I have an exam tomorrow for which I must take a final look at my notes. Please allow me to leave early today and I assure you I will wind up all the unfinished work tomorrow.

Early leave messages to boss