Commercial Cleaning Business Introduction Letter

Letter #1

Re. Introducing Commercial Cleaning Services with Latest Extensions

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to make you acquainted with our new extensions of the cleaning services. Since 1992, we have been providing skillful and professional staff for cleaning and laundry services for hospitals, colleges, universities, boarding schools, corporate and non-corporate business firms, and other commercial sectors. We stand among one of the top service providers in America.

According to an estimate, Americans spend most of their time in their offices working in front of their laptops, computers, or other devices. Longer working hours and burdening projects along with their desire to learn and work more makes the accomplishment very difficult. Offices and other commercial places for the business need to keep on working to make their ambiance work-friendly and neat. A tidy and immaculate environment creates motivation to work and makes the focus at work magically strong. Uncluttered and fine ambiance forces the workers to work at their best and stay motivated.

To make this true and possible, we have launched many programs within the cleaning services department. Our cleaners are well-trained, adroit in their work, and dedicatedly honest. We train them and make polish their skills which can complement their cleaning services. We have also launched our new packages that present anti-septic and disinfected cleaning at affordable prices.

A deep and spring cleaning by trained and professional hands can create a healthy working environment by keeping the workforce healthier and thus happier at work. Most of the productivity of an employee depends on the working environment which increases with a neat, fresh, and dust-free ambiance. Our cleaning services not only make the environment productive by cleaning but also give a professional and neat appearance to the workplace.

For more, you can contact us at +[X] or visit our website [email].

You can also look at our packages by downloading the application “Light Dark” (available on both App Store and Apple Store) on your mobile phones. Thank you.


The Director
Light the Dark SPO
49-K, Lopez Jay Road, New York, New York 54000

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Letter #2

Re. Introducing the Cleaning Services of the PRO-Serve Services Providers 

Dear Michael,

We are sending business introductions to the new offices in the town to help and facilitate them in getting what they possibly need. We the Pro-Serve Services Providers do not distribute our services blindly; in fact, we take a detailed note of what can be the best for a specific client.

We observe and analyze the area where the service is needed and then we yield a team that can work the best. We focus on the personal training and development of the personalities of our staff member so that they can be a good addition to the working environment of the places where are recruited.

We have expertise in basic cleaning, deep/spring cleaning, laundry (of curtains and others), polishing, disinfecting, and maintaining a germs-free and neat ambiance. We make sure to make the workplace unpolluted and germs-free through sanitizing cleaning and using disinfectants. We also provide different packages in our formal agreements or contracts depending on the amount of workforce demanded/needed. We also provide services on exigency which carries a similar quality.

You can contact us via email or telephone number for bookings or appointments. You can also visit our website ( to investigate the quality and portfolios. Do not hesitate in writing to us at [email] or ring us at +[X]. Thank you.


Team Preserve
Service Providers
901-D, 7th Floor, Loch-Sky Heights, New York, New York 54000

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