Cleaning Services Cover Letter

Letter #1

Re. Cover Letter for the Cleaning Services

Dear Hooper,

This is Michael Jay from the City of New York. I am writing to present myself for the vacant post of the custodian (cleaning services). I have worked in several firms and educational institutes as a custodian. I have added my credentials in the attachment of this application file for the job.

I have worked as a custodian in Miami Store House where I worked in their warehouse. I was given the work of maintaining the items and keeping a tidy environment to sustain the productivity of warehouse workers. I left the work from there in November 2017. After that, I was hired as a sweeper in the Sartre Group of IT professionals (STP) where I worked from late December 2017 to January 2020. I did dusting, sweeping, moping, and mechanic cleaning there. I was also hired for spring cleaning which was done twice a week. Then, I worked in Bright Career Coaching Services as a custodian and did dusting, cleaning, and cleaning.

I can operate cleaning machinery like a vacuum cleaner, carpet machines, and flood buffers. I am also capable to sustain and maintain polished materials like furniture and likewise goods. I can also take good care of gadgetry present in the offices like laptops, computers, and LEDs using sanitizers and disinfectants. I can operate the air purifiers and other similar machines. I, therefore, request you to consider my services and provide an opportunity to me to denote my skillful and professional services.

All my education and other required points have been mentioned in the application form attached. You can contact me via +[X]. Thank you.


Michael Jay
Cooper Steel Road, New York, New York 54000

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Letter #2

Re. Cover Letter for the Best Cleaning Services

Dear Meghan,

I am Gable Sweet from Satellite Town, New York. I am penning you to consider my services for the vacant seat of a Custodian in your hospital. I understand the kinds of services and demanded dedication from the service of a custodian in a hospital. I consider myself as dedicated and honest as this job demands. I am well-experienced and well-trained for a job like this and need your kind consideration.

I have worked as a custodian in a hospital from 2011-2015. Then I worked as a cleaner in a commercial market in Cape Town from 2015 to 2020. After that due to an unexpected lockdown due to COVID-19 put my work in the back and I was laid off permanently from the company. I did dusting, cleaning, moping, and carpet cleaning during my services in mentioned areas.

Hospital is a place where cleanliness matters the most and puts everything depending on the cleanliness. My major and core experience was working in the operation theatres while making the place germ-free and properly sanitized. All of my other credentials have been mentioned in the application attached. I shall be available for the interview anytime during the weekdays. I shall be grateful if you consider my letter appealing enough to call me for a meeting. Thank you.


Angela Patrick
House of Salmons Area, 32-A, New York, New York 54000
Contact: +1 [X]

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