Chocolate Festival Ticket Editable Templates

Chocolate is the most consumable dessert in the world. There are various forms and tastes of chocolate loved by people. The first sign of it appeared when civilization in Mexico started using cocoa beans as they were growing wild in Central America. These people used to make a drink by roasting and grinding beans followed by the addition of vanilla and other spices. Later, different civilizations attributed various myths to their existence and started using them differently.

It traveled from America to Spain, London, and other countries where it was considered royalty and was used by the elite class only. With the passage of time, as chocolate became more accessible and delicious, it was cultivated in high demand and became associated with romantic gestures i.e., Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, and proposals.

The fandom of chocolate escalated to a state where chocolate is a crucial part of every celebration. People organize chocolate festivals to celebrate it properly. Each year, different countries arrange a chocolate festival that lasts for a week, and different types of chocolate are presented at the festival.

In New York, one of the biggest festivals is celebrated each year in November and allows people to experience unique methods of using chocolate. The biggest chocolate festival has occurred in Umbria, Italy since 1994. This festival hosts 500,000 chocolate lovers in October and organizes cookery classes, tasting sessions, and chocolate sculptures, and provides further entertainment activities to keep people entertained.

Tickets for these festivals become available weeks before to create curiosity among people. These tickets are available at different locations to save the trouble of overcrowding and people are notified to buy their tickets.

Tickets are usually simple in design and only serve the purpose of letting the organizers know that people have paid to enjoy the festival. These tickets have the following information

  • Name of the festival
  • Venue
  • Timing
  • Stickers to show celebration
  • Name of organizers
  • Contact information
  • The price of the ticket
  • Theme of the festival
  • Minor details to entertain every query

Certain rules are decided by the organizers to keep the festival hassle-free and let people enjoy their favorite dessert in a civilized environment. Some of the rules are mentioned below

  • Entrance is possible with ticket only and non-ticket holders will not be allowed in the hall at any cost.
  • One person per invite is decided so every individual should have their tickets.
  • If you want to show a different talent using chocolate, you can contact us before the festival.
  • All the participants of the trial will compete and the winner will be given a cash award.

Designs of festival tickets are basic and can be easily downloaded through the Internet. Ticket templates found on the Internet are free of cost and can be used after adding desired information in the provided slots. Some of the specific designs can also be used after paying their fees. Moreover, designers can be hired to design customized tickets.

Sample Templates

Chocolate festival ticket

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Chocolate festival ticket

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Chocolate festival ticket

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Chocolate Festival Ticket Editable Templates
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