Dismissal Letter for Company Manager due to Poor Performance

Company managers’ key responsibility is to look after and guide the workers in the direction to fulfill the company’s goals. The major responsibilities of the company manager include the management of the worker’s daily work tasks and schedules, hiring new workers, coordinating working teams, promoting coordination between supervisors and workers, budgeting, and meeting goals. Another significant responsibility of the manager is to report to the senior manager or owners about the deliverables periodically.

Errors committed by company manager leading to poor performance

There are three types of errors that are considered as poor performance by the company manager.

  • Failure to Fulfil the Deliverables– mentioned in the job description, or work allotted by the senior manager/company owner.
  • Violation of Company Policy and Procedure- common violation which includes harassment or misbehavior with subordinates, lack of professional ethics, frequent absenteeism, etc.
  • Disturbance of work-related tasks due to the manager’s personal issues in life with the subordinates.

Reasons for Dismissal

An employee cannot be illegally or unfairly dismissed from a job therefore, the employers need to have substantial reasons for dismissal or termination. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Lack of qualification or skill of the employee
  • Complains of misconduct from the employee
  • Lack of interest in work/job by the employee
  • Breach of law by the employee
  • Specified special reason with proof.

Pre-Dismissal Requirements for Employers

The employers need to keep in check the following two requirements before issuing a dismissal letter to their employees:

  • Proper documentation as a Proof- The manager or owners need to have substantial documents regarding the poor performance exhibited by the manager, for the situation in future, if the manager refuses the charges against him or decides to take legal action against the company for unfair dismissal.
  • Prior Warnings- The senior manager or owners need to inform the manager of his/her poor performance and warn them, both in person and in writing, before issuing them a final dismissal letter.

Sample Letter

[Manager Name with Salutation]
[Manager’s Address]
[Company Name]

Subject: Dismissal due to Poor Performance

Dear [Manager Name],

I am writing you this letter to confirm your dismissal from [Company Name] due to poor performance, effective from [Date of dismissal].

It is very unfortunate, that you have been depicting poor performance despite multiple warnings, due to which I have to permanently dismiss you from your job. The documented proofs of your poor performance and warnings are attached to the letter.

According to our previous conversation, you assured the company, that you will fulfill your job description with utmost zeal and omit the [errors committed by the manager]. In this regard, I assured to provide you all recourses and time in order to reprehend your behavior. But you failed despite that.

Following the receiving of this letter by you, the accounts department will be informed to communicate with you regarding the details of the fund’s clearance and your beneficial rights due to dismissal. Please ensure, that you follow your clearance procedure actively and return the company-provided facilities.


[Senior Manager/Company Owner’s Credentials]


[Signature of Sender]

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