Appointment Letter for Company Director

What is an appointment letter?

An appointment letter, commonly known as a job offer letter is written by the employer when he decides to recruit someone on a post in his company.

When to write an appointment letter?

There is a proper recruitment process that is followed by every company. At the end of the recruitment process, the company decides to recruit people on available vacancies based on their skills, qualifications, and interview. The selected candidates are sent the appointment letter which lets them know that the company has selected them and their employment at the company is about to start.

It is important to note that the appointment letter is not only for those people who are outside of the company and hunting for the job. Rather, if there is an employee already working on a post and you want that employee to appointment to a new post, you can write him an appointment letter.

What information an appointment letter for the company director should include?

Your appointment letter should include following details:


The person being appointed should be able to know that the company has decided to appoint him on the post of director of the company. In this part of the letter, the sender should tell the date from which, the company can start working on that post.

Terms and conditions:

There are certain terms and conditions for working on a specific job position. Everyone joining that company should know those terms and conditions. It is important to sign the appointment letter by the person only when he agrees to the terms and conditions.

Notice for responding to the letter:

After sending the appointment letter, a company waits for the recruited person to accept it or reject it. A company cannot wait for an unlimited amount of time since there are many other people in the pipeline. Therefore, you should give a notice of 30 or more days to the employee to make a decision carefully.

Below is a sample letter for you to help you get started

Sample appointment letter for company director:


Name of the recipient:

Complete address of the recipient

Subject: Appointment letter for the post of company director

Dear (use the second name with the salutation),

This letter is about your job application ID number 24255 with the number of interviews we conducted with you.

We are very happy to appoint you on the post of director of the company from 1st Feb 2021. It is hereby notified that the following are our terms and conditions:

  1. There shall be a probation period of 8 months and this period will start as soon as you start working as a director in the company. Additionally, we will confirm your appointment as a temporary employee if we found you satisfactory. You will be given a full salary for this probation period.
  2. The notice period after you have been sent an appointment letter is 40 days. if you don’t contact us within this period, the company reserves the right to hire someone else in the same position.
  3. Although you are being employed to the [X] branch of the company located in (mention the city name), the company can transfer you to any other branch whenever it is needed at its discretion.
  4. As a director of the company, you will be required to follow all the policies and rules of the company.
  5. While your employment contract with the company is ongoing, you cannot work for any other company or any other post with or without remuneration.
  6. The company has a right to change the job responsibilities of the person posted on the director of the company.
  7. If you want to join another company, you will be required to resign 2-week priors to your last day.
  8. We request you to confirm the acceptance of the appointment letter and all the aforementioned terms and conditions by signing this letter and sending us a duplicate of this letter.

I would love to send a warm welcome to you in the company as a director and wish you the best for a successful career in our company.


Name of the sender

Signatures of the sender

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