Anonymous letter to Boss about Co-worker’s Unprofessional Behavior

If you want a comfortable workplace, you are required to get along with your co-worker. However, sometimes your co-workers give you a tough time. At times, we meet difficult people at the workplace we are compelled to work with. There are lots of compromises we make because our employment is important for us. However, the behavior of our colleagues at times becomes so unprofessional that we find it completely unacceptable. In that situation, we are left with no option but to write to our boss letting him know about the co-worker.

What is an anonymous letter to your boss for unprofessional behavior?

When you want to talk to your boss about the unprofessional behavior of someone without revealing your identity, you write an anonymous letter. When you see someone not behaving well, reporting their behavior to their boss is the best thing to do. Many times, you don’t want to put your co-worker in trouble or you lack evidence to support your statement. However, you should still manage to write this letter so that you can stop your co-worker from behaving unprofessionally and violating the code of conduct and other policies of the company.

When to write the letter reporting unprofessional behavior?

When you are tired of your co-worker’s behavior and you think you cannot do anything to correct him, you can write this letter. If you have to coordinate with your colleague and you cannot openly complain against him, you should write an anonymous letter. If you find that other people are also suffering because of unprofessional behavior, you should write this letter. Even if you are not being bothered and you see one of your co-workers violating the policies of the company, it is your responsibility to let your employer know about it ethically.

Tips for writing an anonymous letter to your boss:

  1. Use polite and sensible language in the letter no matter how incensed you are. Your tone should be professional so that you can confidently raise questions on the unprofessional behavior of someone else.
  2. Talk about different incidents when you were disturbed because of the behavior of your boss. Also mention that other people are also worried.
  3. Tell the employer that you cannot reveal your identity so that he does try to investigate.
  4. Type the letter so that no one can identify you.

Here is a sample anonymous letter that you can consult if you are about to communicate the unprofessional behavior of your colleague to him.

 Sample anonymous letter to your boss:

Name of the recipient

Name of the company

Address of the company


Subject:  complaint letter against unprofessional behavior of the co-worker

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am writing this letter because I would like you to know about Mr. XYZ working in your company’s IT department as a data analyst. There have been many incidents in the past when the aforementioned person has behaved so poorly. I have ignored it many times but now I think it is high time I should report it to you.

Mr. XYZ has a strange habit of poking his nose into other’s matters. He likes to pass comments on everything he sees whether it is relevant for him or not. I often find his remarks to be very offensive. It is not only me who has seen this kind of behavior.

On the 20th of last month, another co-worker of mine also experienced the same thing. We have been tolerating his behavior for several days and we also tried to correct his unethical behavior appropriately. However, he does not seem to learn anything. Therefore, we have decided to report his behavior to you because we feel that you should take cognizance of the behavior of Mr. XYZ so that you can take strict actions.

I am a loyal employee to my company, and I feel that his behavior is badly affecting all his colleagues. Therefore, I would like to request you to understand the situation and resolve the issue by enforcing appropriate actions. For some reason, I cannot reveal my identity. However, I hope that it is the issue that matters not the identity. 


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