Anonymous Letter to Boss about Cheating in Office Work

Cheating at the workplace is very common. We often see people evading their responsibilities, pretending as if they are working even though they are not, and doing lots of other fraudulent activities. We usually have such a relationship with our colleagues, that does not allow us to say something against them. However, their fraud and cheating create problems for us too. For example, if the dishonest coworker is seen outperforming everyone, our employer will expect more from us. This way, he will set high targets and penalties for us. When this happens, we should speak up.

What is an anonymous letter to the boss about cheating in office work?

When you want your employer to know about the cheating that is rampant at the workplace, you can write a letter to him in which you can divert his attention towards the cheating issue. The letter becomes anonymous when you don’t want to reveal your identity while letting your employer know about any of your co-workers’ fraud. This letter might result in punishment for the co-worker or even termination. Therefore, you should not reveal your identity.

How to write an anonymous letter to the boss about cheating?

Writing this kind of anonymous letter is very easy especially when you know about the tips given below:

1.       Collect all evidence:

Before you start writing this letter, you should know that writing about the mischievous behavior of your co-worker is very critical. You cannot say anything especially when you are raising questions about someone’s honesty. Therefore, make sure that you are sure about what you are saying. Similarly, the person you are writing to always wants to confirm what you have written in the letter. So, you should provide him with the evidence also. Find and gather all the evidence ahead of time so that you don’t have to search for them when your boss asks for them.

2.       Involve other colleagues:

It is better to involve other co-workers in this matter also. If you write it on your own without involving others, your boss might think that you have some personal grudges with the employee you are talking about. In this way, involving other co-workers makes your case stronger. Additionally, you can say that many other people have also witnessed cheating at the workplace.

3.       Don’t add your details or hints:

You should not ask your boss to guess who is the sender of the letter or you should not write such details in the letter that make it easy for your boss to know about you. If you are writing an anonymous letter, keep it anonymous. Make sure that your letter is complete in terms of details that you think your boss needs for taking necessary action. Since you have not provided your address or name in the letter, your boss will not be able to reach you in case he wants to know more about the issue you have raised.

Here is a sample anonymous letter that will help you determine how to draft this letter with ease and comfort. 

Sample letter:

Name of the sender:

Sender’s address:


Subject: Complaint letter about cheating in office work

I am writing this letter to let you know about the cheating that is rampant at the workplace. I have seen one of my colleagues cheating in sales. Mr. Anderson is a sales manager in the sales department. I have been working with him for many years. He is a nice person who works so passionately. However, I have noticed that he is not fair with his job. At the end of the month, when he makes a sales report, he adds wrong figures to it just because he wants to stay in your good books. Additionally, he does not conduct sales honestly.

I think it is essential to bring these issues to your notice. I and many other co-workers have noticed this cheating of Mr. Anderson.  For some reason, I cannot reveal my identity, and therefore, I am writing this letter to you anonymously. I hope that you will take the necessary actions against Mr. Anderson to correct him. I have also enclosed some evidence of his mischievous behavior.


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