Affidavit Letter Format with Sample

Affidavits have a lot of legal importance. In daily dealings, it was hard for people to trust each other’s words. Therefore, affidavits came into being. Affidavits are used in legal settings by bringing said statements of people in writing. They are very useful in lots of situations. People also write affidavit letters when they feel the need to.

What is an affidavit letter?

The affidavit letter is used to accommodate sworn statements that were essential to be brought into writing. These letters claim that whatever the sender of the letter said was in good faith and some legal actions can be taken if the recipient repudiates from what he wrote in the affidavit letter.

When to write an affidavit letter?

Several situations require the use of affidavit letters. When a person wants to state that he has received legal documents from someone or when there is a need to verify something legally such as residency, the affidavit letter can be written. When a person is not able to visit the court physically because of being physically far, he can write the affidavit letter with his signatures.

Affidavit letters can also be used as a witness in the court hearing. Therefore, the person writing the letter should be very careful. The sworn statement given via affidavit letter should not be used against him. This can be possible only when an affidavit letter is written under the supervision of an expert person. Additionally, it should be ensured that you write this letter only when it is required. Writing this letter unnecessarily can put you in trouble.

Tips for writing affidavit letter:

It has been told that affidavit letters should be written cautiously because they are used in courts as evidence; you might need some tips to get started with an effectively written affidavit letter. Here are some tips for you:

1.   Write a sworn statement emphatically:

A sworn statement has a lot of importance in legal proceedings. Therefore, the statement should be candid and easy to understand. The person writing the letter should make sure that the statements in the letter are not ambiguous. One statement should not lead to two different meanings. He can take help from a prosecutor also.

2.   State facts in a simple way:

Many times, an affidavit letter includes different facts which are very important for a legal process. These facts should be written in the letter in a clear and concise way.

3.   Keep it organized:

It is important to note that every detail given in the letter is important and will be taken into consideration once the letter reaches the court. Therefore, you should write everything in the letter in an organized way. You should know which detail of the affidavit letter should be added where. This will help you give shape to your letter.

4.   Proofread it well:

The affidavit is usually present in court and before the judge. Your letter should be clear of all grammatical mistakes. The letter should be able to make a good impression on yours. This is possible when you write this letter with care hence leaving no mistake.

Just to give you a clear idea as to how you can write an affidavit letter, a sample affidavit letter is being provided. This letter has been written in a special scenario of marriage where a person who knows the couple personally wants to give a sworn statement about the couple’s character and behavior to prevent any legal complications.

Sample affidavit letter:

Full name of the affiant

Address of the affiant

Date of birth and place of birth of affiant

Subject: Affidavit for marriage

My name is Miss Maria. I am working as a teacher in a private college. I have been living with Mr. and Mrs. Anderson for like 5 years in the neighborhood. I have met them in person many times.

I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson is very much compatible with each other and they can be the best life partner for each other.

Signatures of the sender:


On the ___________ day of _________________________

Notary public
Address of the notary        

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