Application for Advance Money

Application for advance money is written when you want to get money in an emergency. It is an inexpensive and formal way to demand money in advance.

Writing an application in order to get advance money is a common trend in businesses. People in every field often write this application when they run out of money and need money ahead of time in order to fulfill their needs.

Who can write the application for advance money?

  1. An employee can write this application when he wants to get the salary in advance
  2. A client can also request his customer to pay him to advance

The money received in advance is usually considered as a loan payment. The person requesting the payment is obliged to pay it as soon as possible.

The advance money payer also has a right to deduct the money from the next payment he has to pay. The employer can deduct the advance money from the next salary of the employee.

It should be ensured that the advance money can be requested by the person who knows you well. There should be a strong relationship between you and the employer.

If you don’t have a good history in terms of paying off the debts, the employer may not be able to trust you.

Before you write the application for advance money, you should read the company’s policies about it. For example, many companies pay the employees in advance but only for 15 days.

If you are able to return the money in the specified time, you can apply for the advance money. There can be many other policies regarding advance salary.

It should also be ascertained that you are going to ask for the money because you are in serious need. Beware of your financial needs first and then apply for advance money.

How to write the application for advance money?

  1. The application should be started by giving your details such as contact details, address, name etc. Give a subject to the application.
  2. Start the body of the application by telling the recipient that you need the money in advance.
  3. Give the reason to the recipient that why you need money. Make sure that the reason you provide is capable enough to convince the recipient.
  4. The amount of money you need in advance should be specified in the application.
  5. Tell the recipient that when you will return the money. If you want the recipient to deduct the money from the next payment, do mention it in the application.
  6. It is important not to miss any important detail in the application in order to get a positive response from the recipient
  7. Keep the tone of the application courteous.
  8. The application should be to the point as the reader does not have much time to read long details.
  9. Make sure that you provided all the necessary details.
  10. Assure the reader that you will return the money as soon as possible.

Sample Application -1

Application for Advance Money


Sample Application -2

Application for Advance Money