Apology Letter to Customer for Incorrect Invoice


Re. Apology for Incorrect Invoice to the Customer 

This is Oliver Deck, the Relationship Manager, from the Microfinance Commercial Bank. Firstly, I hope you will be reading in your complete health. I am thankful to you for bringing out the mistake that took place in the invoice of the loan you applied for. Following are the details of the applied loan, invoices, and the highlighted mistakes therein.

First of all, we hereby affirm that you applied for the microfinance loan in the President Roller Poll Loans i.e. $2000. Your application was scrutinized on 20-02-20XX fulfilling all the terms and conditions. The loan was approved on 28-02-20XX.

According to the invoice, you have to pay $25 as your first installment of the loan but I apologize on behalf of my team for this error in the composition. It is assumed that the error was completely a mistake in composing and hence has no technical or calculation fault.

I have enclosed the scanned copy of the order invoice with the incorrect amount of $25. I have corrected the amount by replacing the $25 with $250. More calculations and details have been enclosed to ensure the correction and their copies have been enclosed also. Please feel free to contact our manager for any further queries by sending an email to [X] or by calling us at +[X].


Oliver Deck
Relationship Manager
Microfinance Commercial Bank
B-701 Commercial Area, Sector 11. San Diego

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Re. Sincere Apology and Excuse for Sending Incorrect Invoice to You Erroneously from the Accounts Department on 23rd February 20XX

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to apologize for the error in the invoice you must have received from our company. The system showed $500 instead of $50 due to an error in the machine. We apologize for the erroneous billing as the invoice sent was mistaken with another customer.

Due to the clustering swam of customers toward microfinance companies; we have encountered a huge problem of managing the customer’s care and delivering the bills/invoices. Talking honestly about the system operations, our system has been encountered some issues of abnormal functioning and erroneous operations. The sent invoice is the result of that systematic error.

The billed amount was confused with another customer and mistakenly sent to you. Hence, the error has nothing to do with the manpower or mishandling by the worker, thus there is no need of reprimanding any worker or correcting their competence.

We have also called to update our systems and operational task management. We esteem you as a worthy customer and treasure you as a proactive man who is so convenient to deal with.

I assure you that this will not happen again as we are trying our best to update our systems and we also understand the exquisitely valuable time and energy of yours. To curb this chronic issue we have also sent the proposal for new machinery and the training of the available workforce.

We do not want any customer churn in any case and therefore, we have been thinking and apprising on the concept of invoice verification. As we work in microfinance, so it is our prior need to make the verification process smoother and reliable. We apologize again for the trouble caused to you because of the error in the invoice.

We thank you for your cooperation and assistance in this regard. Customers like you are a precious asset of our business and thus keeps a lifeblood value to our company. We value our customers as you want and assure their satisfaction and contentment in such an intricate matter of monetary type. Please contact us at [X] or [X].


Sartre Lockhart
The Manager
Microfinance Group of Companies and Consultancy
B-309 Circular Road, near Great River Bridge
San Diego, CA, USA

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