Apology Letter for Mistake at Work

An apology letter is written by an employee to a supervisor or manager for acknowledging a mistake, apologizing for it, and highlighting measures to be taken for the mistake’s rectification. A mistake at a workplace could range from missing an important deadline or meeting, improper management of an assigned project, a late arrival to disrespectful dealing with a client, customer, or colleague. The letter portrays professional conduct and signifies that the employee keenly owns and values his/her work. It serves to amend the relations with the relevant authorities.

An apology letter, therefore, should reflect a realization for a mistake rather than serving as a narrative of excuses for the mistake. While writing an apology letter, below mentioned things should be avoided;

  • Blaming someone else: do not hold someone else responsible for a mistake and its consequences, it portrays a lack of ownership
  • Making an excuse: writing in a defensive way and making excuses can reflect an unapologetic attitude
  • Exaggerative details: stating irrelevant minor details leading to the mistake can invalidate the purpose of an apology letter

To err is human, but the important part is the realization and rectification of the mistake. A formal apology letter should be well-structured. The following key components should be made part of an effective apology letter:

  • Header: It includes the date and recipient’s information (name, designation, organization, and address). Adding a subject line is optional, but it highlights the subject to the recipient before giving the letter a thorough read
  • Salutation: In professional and formal letters it is important to add a salutation such as, “Dear Mr./Ms.”
  • Opening statement: The letter must begin by communicating sincere apology, remorse or regret as a signifier of acknowledgment or realization of the mistake
  • Body: In the body of the letter, reflecting ownership of the mistake is important. It should then be followed up by specific incident (s) which lead to the occurrence of the mistake. Furthermore, adding an alternate measure that could have been taken to avoid the mistake can reiterate the realization. Finally, the body should be ended by highlighting the measures which would be taken to avoid the mistake in the future or emphasize on measures which have been taken already to be cautious
  • Closing: Adding an apology at closing and referring to the assistance which might be required is a good way to close the letter. It is then followed up a closing salutation such as “Regards” or “Sincerely” and sender’s information (name and signature)

Sample Apology Letter for Mistake at Work


[Recipient’s name]
[Recipient’s designation]
[Company’s address]


Dear Mr./Ms.

I am writing to you to apologize for not taking along the activity material to ABC Institute, for the participants of our capacity building training sessions. I understand that engagement is the core component of our session and my mistake made us look amateur.

I realize that teamwork is important for the delivery of productive outcomes and my neglectful behavior resulted in the negative feedback from the session’s participants.

To retain our client’s satisfaction, I have refunded half of the session cost to our client and apologized for the inconvenience.

For future reference, I have created an inventory for all the sessions along with the resources required for execution. I have also prepared a checklist for each of our sessions and I will ensure to check for all the requirements enlisted in the list before leaving for the upcoming sessions.

I understand that I cannot undo negative feedback marked in our record, but I assure that it will never repeat.

I thank you for your timely intervention and for covering up for the activity, during the session, to minimize the damage to our organization’s reputation. I commit to being more careful.

Thank you for your understanding. Kindly suggest if any further remedial measures need to be taken.



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