Complaint Letter against Teacher from Parents

A teacher is always a role model for his/her students, and it is his/her responsibility to indoctrinate the best principles and moral values to students. Students make their teachers their role models and always wish to have a personality like them. Therefore, teachers hold a big responsibility for behaving in a particular way and teaching the children in the best and most effective way.

Some teachers don’t act responsibly and therefore, become the cause of creating dissatisfaction among children and their parents.

When parents are not happy with the performance of the teacher and they want to communicate their discontent with the principal of the school, they write a complaint against that teacher. This letter from the guardians of the child lets the principal of the school know that the teacher that has been hired by the school is not performing up to the mark and actions should be taken to correct the behavior.

In which scenario the complaint letter can be written?

Parents of the students can write the complaint when:

  1. They come to learn that the teacher’s performance is not good or she/he is not teaching well.
  2. When the behavior of the teacher is not satisfactory or professional.
  3. When parents realize that the teacher’s attitude is having a negative impact on the personality of their child and he is unable to learn anything from the teacher.
  4. The teacher does favoritism in the class and gives inferiority complex to many students in the class.

How to write against the teacher?

Complaints are always used as a tool to show dissatisfaction. People welcome complaints because they are the kind of feedback that they receive from their customers. At the same time, they try to make sure that they mitigate the complaints because too many complaints can pose so many problems. When you are writing a complaint against the teacher, you should be careful about the selection of words and tone. Follow the guidelines below:

Try to remain respectful:

Even though you are writing a complaint, you can never be disrespectful towards the teacher of your child. Never criticize the personality of the teacher. Rather, only point out the behavior or attitude that you did not like.

Give an introduction of yourself:

You must tell the principal that you are the parents of the child who is the student of the said teacher and you have witnessed what you are complaining about.

Discuss the matter:

You must discuss the behavior of the teacher in detail and if there is an incident to discuss, describe that one also.

The sample letter of the complaint has been given below.



Principal’s name:
School Name:

Subject: Complaint against Ms. [X] for [Y]

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to issue a complaint about Miss. Sara, subject teacher of grade IX. My son Richard is currently studying in grade IX. Before I start, I would like to tell here that I respect every teacher in this world, especially the teachers of my son. However, I am concerned about my child’s quality of education.

Recently, I visited the school and I saw the behavior of the teacher that drew many concerns. The teacher was acting very rude and her tone was also very awkward. I believe that the teacher should always act sensibly with students because they observe everything and they often follow the teacher. I am afraid my child might learn to shout like his teacher which will not be acceptable for me at any cost.

I am writing this to ask you to please talk to your teacher and ask her to behave at least in front of her students. I hope that you will take this letter seriously and take the necessary actions so that the teachers in your school can improve their behavior and act in a sensible way.

If you want to talk to me about this matter any further, feel free to contact me at (mention your phone number).


Complaint Letter against Teacher from Parents

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