Authorization Letter to Claim

Oftentimes we are busy doing something important and we realize that there is some equally important activity, but we cannot execute it because we have something else on our priority list. Sometimes we are compelled to do two things at the same time which is totally impossible in some situations. Such situations necessitate the use of authorization letter the use of which allows a person to give his authority to someone else.

What is an authorization letter to claim?

When a person has to claim for something which requires hiring a lawyer and taking a series of steps but cannot do so because of any reason, he can allow someone else to claim on his behalf.

Who can be sent the permission letter for claiming?

People often write permission letters to those who they trust. This involves writing to their blood relations, their close friends, or lawyers. These are the people who can claim on the person’s behalf who hands over his/her authority.

When to write?

People write this letter when they are personally unable to claim for something themselves. They cannot claim because:

  1. They are not physically present in the area where they can claim
  2. They cannot visit the office or other places because of their illness
  3. They don’t have any access to a few information desks because of residing in a completely new area

What is the benefit of writing the permission letter for a claim?

There are plenty of benefits. Some of them are:

  1. A person doesn’t have to be worried about the procedure of claim since he has permitted someone else to act on his behalf.
  2. This letter makes it possible for things to be done which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.
  3. The authority simplifies the situation and reduces the complexities.

How to use this letter?

When a person cannot make a claim and he want to get things done, he can write an approval letter in which he tells the name of the person who can claim on his behalf. In some cases, the person approving someone also sends the copy of this letter to his lawyer so that he can handle things before they go wrong.

How to write?

Seek advice:

Things often get complication when people don’t show care and attention towards things that need their attention. This also happens in the case of writing an approving letter. People often end up giving too much permission or restricting the endorsement to the extent that the person who has been given the authority feels as if he is still restricted and cannot do anything.

That’s why anyone who writes this letter must ensure that he or she writes as much as it is needed to be written. If they don’t know that, they can take advice from their lawyer who can go over the entire situation and then give advice

Know the format:

A letter of permission generally looks like a legal document that has a huge significance in the world. Therefore, writing this letter in the correct format is deemed necessary.

Know what to write:

When it comes to making a claim, some people can abuse the authority and things can go wrong. The authority can be given in such a way that it restricts the person from taking every kind of action and only a few of them can be executed by him. You should know that you cannot allow him to you on your behalf as it might risk your credibility and reputation.

The sample letter given below gives you a clear picture as to what a perfectly written authorization letter should look like:

A sample authorization letter to claim:


Mention the name of the recipient

Subject: authorization for making a claim

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, (name of the landlord) allow Mr. ABC to claim my salary from (mention the name of the organization). I am unable to visit myself because of illness. I hereby, allow Mr. ABC to act on my behalf and receive my salary.

I understand that Mr. ABC shall not be responsible in case any document gets lost or stolen. Please accept my permission as a confirmation to allow Mr. ABC to claim my salary.

Yours sincerely,

Name of the sender.

Authorization letter to claim

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