Letter of Authorization for Collection on behalf of Applicant

We often need to write a letter of authorization when we want someone else to do something on our behalf. One of the scenarios in which we write the letter of authorization is when we are unable to visit a place for collection.

Organizations that have to issue us the documents are often apprehensive when it comes to issuing critical documents to someone else. For instance, if you want to receive your original degree from your college, your college will not issue it to anyone else other than you since the degree is a critical document. In this situation, the college will ask you to provide a letter of authorization with the name of the person mentioned in it who is allowed to collect the documents on your behalf.

What is a letter of authorization for collection by an applicant?

It is a letter that an applicant writes to the institute in which he clearly states that he has allowed the person mentioned in the letter to collect documents or money on his behalf. The applicant also specifies the reason as to why he cannot come and, in the need, to write the authorization letter. The reason is mainly genuine enough to convince the reader to issue documents to the person holding the authority.

When to write this letter of authority?

This letter is written in a lot of situations. Some of them are:

  1. When a person resides outside the country and the documents can only be collected from the country where they belong.
  2. When a person is disabled or physically unfit to visit the organization for collection person

What is the basic purpose behind using the permission letter?

The applicant uses the permission letter to write it because he knows that he cannot obtain documents unless he personally visits the office or asks someone to do it. Through this letter, the applicant also specifies what the authorized person can do or cannot do. This way, he also keeps his position safe.

What should be included?

Introduction of the applicant:

This letter must always be started with the introduction of the person who is the applicant and authorizing someone to collect documents on his behalf. The introduction must include the name of the applicant and some other pertinent details. However, if you don’t feel like giving your introduction, you can go with mentioning your name only. But don’t forget to give details of the application such as the application number.

Information of the person being authorized:

Let the reader know who you have chosen to collect documents from when you are not around. Mention the name and other details of that person. You will also be required to attach the ID card photocopy of the person being authorized for identification purposes.

Mention you are authorizing for:

You should be clear when you mention the kind of authority you are giving to the said person. Since, in this scenario, you are permitting him to collect documents or money, mention it clearly in the letter.

Mention the reason:

You should tell the reader why you are not able to collect documents on your own. This way, the reason to write the authorization letter will become clear and logical.

When you write this letter remember that:

  1. You should write a short and concise letter with the necessary details only.
  2. The letter should be signed by you properly and you must use the letterhead of your company if you are giving authorization on behalf of your business.
  3. Make sure that you have given the details of the person being authorized and you leave no room for confusion.

Sample letter of authorization:

I (name of the applicant) have applied for (mention the name of documents) because I need them for taking admission to the university by providing these documents. I am unable to visit myself and collect my documents. I hereby, authorize Mr. ABC to collect documents from the college on my behalf. I have no objection to Mr. ABC signing documents on my behalf to collect my original documents in my absence.

Yours sincerely,

Name of the sender,

Signatures of the sender


Authorization Letter for Collection on behalf of Applicant

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