Letter to Convert International License

This letter is a type of application in which the applicant requests the conversion of the license. This happens when the candidate wants to use one license in a different location. Licenses are generally issued in the language of the country where they are issued. So, if someone wants to use that license in a different location, he or she will have to apply for the conversion. This conversion will translate the language and convert the format into the agreeable format. 

Why is it important to write a letter to convert international permits?

 People who have earned a license by paying a heavy fee and getting a lot of training don’t want to get another license when they move to another country where they need a similar permit to work. In this situation, they write an application letter and request for the conversion of the same permit that they have already earned. When they get the conversion done, they save themselves from the hassle of getting another license meeting the requirements of the host country. 

How to write?

If you want to write this letter, make sure that you follow the guidelines given below:

Make a request:

This is a formal letter that needs to communicate your request straightforwardly. So, as soon as you start the letter, put forward your request without wasting your time. The request should be made in a formal and humble way. 

Give reason:

The reader is interested in knowing why you need the conversion done. So, give the reason for the conversion. The reason should be described in such a way that the reader finds it convincing. 

Provide details of the license:

Give specifics of the license you already have with you including the country issuing the permit of work, the date of issuance, the expiry date, a unique license number, and whatnot. These all details will be useful for the reader to understand the license and confirm that the authority of work you are referring to is a genuine document that can be converted. 

Things to remember:

Following are some points that you must remember if you want to write something professional:

Write a professional application:

You should be able to write the application in a formal way so that you can be sure that you will get the approval. Your application should include a professional language that states your request for conversion in an appropriate way. This language also increases the readability of the letter and also increases the chances for your application to get accepted by the authorities. 

Keep it short:

The application letter written for the conversion request should be short and to the point since there is nothing to add to this letter other than the request for conversion. There is no need to add extra details not needed in this particular situation. 

Follow the format:

There is a proper structure in every formal letter in which the details are outlined. If you don’t appropriately follow the details, you make it difficult for the reader to understand the letter although you have provided all the necessary details. 

The sample letter given below is the best example document for all those people who are trying to draft a perfect letter to be sent to an institute. 

Sample letter:


Name of the recipient institute:

Address of the institute:

Subject: A request for license conversion

Respected recipient, 

I am writing this letter to put in a formal request to convert my driving license. I am currently holding an international driving license issued to me by the institute of Dubai. Currently, I am residing in [COUNTRY] and I want to continue professional driving here with the same driving license. It is hereby requested to you please convert my international license to the national license that I can use easily in this country. My license number is 23XY235. Enclosed is the copy of the license I want to be converted. Please have a look at it. 

I will be highly grateful to you for this act of kindness. 


Name of the applicant.

Letter to Convert International License

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